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Kids laptop recommendations? Reader Q&A

I just made a big switch with homeschool Math curriculum for my oldest daughter and it requires her to watch and interact with CDs on the computer. Unfortunately, my 3yo jammed two DVDs into my Macbook and broke the drive. So now, faced with the repair cost, I’m wondering if it wouldn’t be smarter to consider getting the kids their own budget-friendly computer to work on. -Molly Oh no, Molly! Here’s hoping your “baby” is nursed back to health soon. In the meantime, let’s talk possible laptops for your kiddos. You’re not the only homeschooling parent who has asked...

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The HP TouchSmart 610: Swivel it, just a little bit

Like so many other families, maybe even yours, I use a web 2.0 time management strategy and put my family calendars and documents online. Forget printing; how great would it be to have a kitchen or family room desktop for displaying our shared calendar, checking out photos, watching videos, playing games together, reading recipe sites…you know. Everything. HP now has a touch-enabled desktop with a handy swivel that’s just perfectly suited to be your family computer. The engineers clearly kept ergonomics in mind with the new 23-inch HP TouchSmart 610. It not only swivels side to side, it reclines...

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Plaid is the new black

I love all the strides that tech companies are making to make their gadgets “prettier.” When HP came out with its HP Mini Netbook line last year, it won raves from tech enthusiasts/fashionistas (and us!) for its vibrant colors and cool style. Well, HP has done it again, adding two new colors–with patterns this time–to its line. The HP Mini 210 now comes in a pretty iceberry plaid starting at $349.99 and a raspberry plaid (shown) is coming exclusively to Best Buy later in the month starting at $329.99. HP has even taken its fashionable tech line a step further...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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