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Prime Reading: Being an Amazon Prime member just got a whole lot more awesome

As if free two-day shipping on almost any purchase and the ability to shop for groceries in my pajamas wasn’t reason enough to join Amazon Prime, their newest feature, Prime Reading, has convinced me to keep on renewing my membership. Prime members now get free access to more than a thousand books, magazines, comic books, and short stories on their Kindle apps. That means you can now read books like Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for free. Hey, we said it was awesome.   Related: How to get free Kindle books? Use Kindle First I’ve already been impressed with their Prime Video feature,...

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How to get free Kindle books? Make sure you’re using Kindle First!

This morning as I was flipping through my emails on my phone, I discovered an email with a subject “Your Prime membership includes a free Kindle book,” which I clicked right away because who doesn’t love free? And to my total surprise, I actually do get a free Kindle book every single month with my Amazon Prime membership as part of their Kindle First program. Related: How to borrow free Kindle books Every month, Amazon Prime members have the opportunity to download one of six upcoming releases completely free. All six books are slated to come out the following month and have...

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The Kindle devices requiring critical software updates, ASAP

Recently, Amazon posted an urgent notice about a critical update for Kindle e-readers. If you have a device from 2012 or earlier, then you need to update your software by March 22 — that’s tomorrow — if you want to continue having access to your library, the Kindle store or any other Kindle services on your device. We know so many of our wisely frugal readers continue to make good use of your old e-readers, or that like so many of us, you’ve passed them down to the kids while upgrading your own. So be sure to double check which device you have, compare...

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Sponsored Message: 2 kid-friendly devices from Amazon, just in time for the holidays

This is a sponsored message from Amazon With tech at the top of so many kids’ holiday wish lists this year and so many gadgets on the market, it can be hard for parents to navigate through all the options. This year, Amazon is offering two kid-friendly devices that are not only affordable, they come fully equipped with everything kids and parents care about when it comes to kids and tablets. The Amazon Fire Kids Edition is a speedy, full functional tablet in a durable case, complete with front and rear cameras, and expandable storage. Unlike other tablets, it’s got a two-year worry-free...

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Sparkup: An e-reader just for kids. (As in, hands off Mommy’s Kindle.)

Though reading to the kids has always been one of my favorite things to do, it’s not always possible for those of us who travel for work, have a newborn, or just get too busy to drop everything to read a book for the fourth time in an hour. On those days, instead of letting story time fall by the wayside, families of book lovers can turn to the Sparkup e-reader for kids to do the reading for them. Sparkup uses a built-in camera to “read” any title that has either been recorded or preloaded to it. To record a...

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The new Kindle Voyage: An e-reader that makes you want switch to e-readers.

Up until a couple years ago, I held on steadfastly to the whole idea of wanting to read with a real book in my hands, as opposed to seeing digitized pages on an e-reader. That is, until I got my hands on a Kindle, and became hooked. So I’m really happy to report that the newest Amazon e-reader, the Kindle Voyage, is just magical. If you’re a Kindle devotee like me, the look and feel of the new device will be very familiar. But there are a lot of improvements that makes this what I think is the best e-reader...

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5 romantic book download ideas for Nook, Kindle, or your iPad

It’s Valentine’s Day, and for a bibliophile like me there’s no better gift to celebrate romance than a great love story. Since these days, love stories are more likely read from a Kindle, Nook or the Kindle app on iPad than a hardcover, it can be a sweet gesture to look for a favorite romantic book download, and save it to read aloud over dinner, or send it as a favorite as a gift, right to your love’s device. (Also, a good last-minute idea should you need one. Still. No judging.) Here are some of our favorite classic romantic works...

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Which is the best ereader subscription service for you? We compare the top 3

As a book lover, I’m excited about the different ways technology has made it convenient for avid book readers, especially with ebook subscription services. We can read on our phones while we’re on the subway, we can immediately download the next in an addictive series while we’re in the carpool line, we can search for our favorite quotes instantly. I love all of it. Now that ereader subscription services are finally becoming a viable option, here’s a breakdown of three of our top favorites so you can see which is right for you.. eReatah eReatah’s signature feature is their...

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New Year’s Resolution: Read more, thanks to tech

Near the top of my New Year’s resolutions list is to read more books. Admittedly, I was pathetic in that department in 2012, unless you count the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Heh. But in 2013, I’m determined to read more, and I’m looking to technology to help make this happen. If you’re like me and want to read more books this year, or at least, ones that are for grown-ups and don’t rhyme or have pictures, then here are five ways to help you make it happen. 1. Get an e-reader  If you’ve been putting off getting an...

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Kindle FreeTime Unlimited makes the Kindle a real contender for kids

The more parents are realizing that tablets can be an awesome educational resource for our kids, the more companies are jumping on board to make their device more appealing to parents than others. Starting today, Kindle becomes an even bigger contender with an affordable monthly content service made just for kids and families that’s going to get a whole lot of buzz. The new Kindle FreeTime Unlimited for Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD is $2.99 a month, or $6.99 per family giving you up to six individual profiles. But that pricing is if you’re already an Amazon Prime...

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