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E-readers come out of the dark with NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight

As great as the e-ink technology is for outdoor and daylight reading, you can’t read it in the dark. Which is what my husband rather unfortunately discovered the first time he tried to read his new Kindle in bed. Well now with Barnes & Noble’s newest gadget, you can read your e-reader anytime, no booklight required. The brand new NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight allows you to read in the dark thanks to a soft glow light that lights your screen evenly, and turns on instantly with brightness adjustment by touch. Different than the back-lit technology that you see...

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Accio Harry Potter eBooks! Pottermore Bookshop Open for Business

Part of the magic of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series is that my kids are still as crazy about the stories as they were when they first read them a couple of years ago. And today, they are all aflutter about the lastest news about The Boy Who Lived: J.K. Rowling has decided to hold a coming-out party of sorts for this series that launched 14 years ago by releasing the entire series digitally.  I guess Hogwarts Library finally let its eBooks out of the Restricted Section. Starting today, the complete Harry Potter collection can be downloaded to all major e-readers,...

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Get a little Nook-y with the new Nook e-Reader

Today, on The E-Reader Bachelorette, there’s a new suitor on the market. He’s short, he’s smart, and he lasts a long time, if you know what we mean. Here’s why you might want to give your rose to the brand new Nook. So the new Nook walks into the room, and you can’t help staring. He’s surprisingly small and light for an e-reader, clocking in at only 8 ounces with a 6 inch touchscreen. That means he’s lighter, smaller, and much thinner than most paperbacks–of which he can store 1000, I might add. Pretty fierce, for a lightweight. But...

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Amazon announces a cheaper Kindle, but you’ll pay in other ways.

There are many e-reader options on the market right now and it’s hard to choose which is best for you. If it comes down to price, you may want to jump on the cheaper Kindle that was just announced on Amazon. Dubbed Kindle with Special Offers, it is actually the same exact version of the latest-generation Kindle, the only difference being that there will be ads for special offers and sponsored screensavers displayed. It still has the glare-free screen, month-long battery life and weighs in at a mere 8.5 ounces. This version will come with offers like “Pay $10 for...

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Kindle Books now for loan. Yay!

When I put together our Nook vs. Kindle e-reader comparison, one of the major differences between the two was that the Nook allows you to borrow books from the library–a nice feature if you’re a fast reader or don’t necessarily need to own every single one of Kurt Vonnegut’s books. But now, Kindle has upped the ante by allowing you to loan books with fellow Kindle owners. The new Kindle loan process seems simple–decide what book you want to loan, click “Loan This Book” on the “Your Orders” page, and Amazon will email your recipient. Then she’s got 14...

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Nook vs. Kindle – An e-reader smackdown

Whether you’ve got an e-readers at the top of your holiday list, or you’re shopping for one as a gift for someone else like I am, with so many to choose from it can be…well, hard to choose. So we decided to compare two of the hottest e-readers – the Nook and the Kindle – in a good old fashioned mom-moderated smackdown. We’ve found that comparing these two e-readers, the newest of which both have wi-fi (and 3G for more money), are sort of like comparing apples and oranges; the best choice really depends on your own personal preference...

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