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Getting creative with gift cards for last minute Father’s Day gifts via Facebook Gifts

Okay so you know you’re supposed to be doing something productive, like say getting that last minute Father’s Day gift, but instead you’re on Facebook. Not just me, right? Fear not! Perhaps it’s kismet, in fact. Because that’s just the place you may find what you’re looking for for Dad. And it can be more creative than you think. Facebook Gifts is an easy way to order online gift cards, curated by categories, although they’re a wee bit random if you ask me–like, Starbucks is in every single category. Hello, sponsored promotions! However there is a dedicated Father’s Day...

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Where can I find the best WiFi? How about in your cuff links.

Just when I was wondering whether cufflinks were starting to disappear, I found these brilliant ones that are way more than just a style statement. Way. These WiFi Hotspot Cuff Links from Red Envelope are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. All do is install the compatible software onto a laptop, connect via USB, and you’ve got your own hotspot for mobile devices. In your cufflinks. Welcome to 2013! And if that weren’t enough, one of the cufflinks acts as a 2GB USB flash drive for file storage. Talk about amazing Father’s Day gift–and one I might want to steal...

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A last minute Father’s Day printable for a tech dad

If you’ve got a gadget-loving dad, we imagine he’ll appreciate this clever printable Father’s Day card that you can DIY with not all that much effort.  No hot glue guns, promise! The very creative iDad card just requires printing and cutting lots of little “icon” windows with flaps that lift to reveal all that is near and dear to his heart. No, not photos of his gadgets–photos of the family. The version as seen on She Knows will take some work, but if you want to make it easier on yourself you could just print the icons, skip the flaps,...

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Gifts for dads who love superheroes. And are superheroes.

The Avengers may be out blowing up aliens and eating Shwarma, but the Justice League is right here, saving the world in a slightly more quiet fashion. If the dad in your life likes being a hero as much as he likes reading about them, we’ve got the perfect line of altruistic Father’s Day gifts to support some of the best global charities. The DC Comics We Can Be Heroes line (try to get the Bowie song out of your head now) turns your Father’s Day gift into a force for good. 50% of the purchase price of every...

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Here’s to the dads!

Not surprisingly, we’re big fans of the cool dads of the world. Not only are they really good at assembling cribs (when we don’t feel like it) and doing all the silly voices for the bedtime stories, but a lot of them are pretty amazing bloggers too. So we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the first ever Dad 2.0 Bloggers Summit in a few weeks–especially because our own Kristen Chase and Julie Marsh will be among the speakers. (Hey, moms can speak to dads, right?) Dad 2.0 Summit is all about the online voice of fatherhood...

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Dads Dig This – BeSpeak iPhone app

Our next Dads Dig This guest blogger is David Wescott, a Durham, NC-based dad who writes about public relations, science communication, and politics at It’s Not a Lecture.  I admit that most of the time you can find me in worn jeans and something with a Red Sox logo, but sometimes I want to look good. Real good. Like Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman or Michael Douglas in Wall Street good.  Problem is I don’t have a clue about how to look that good. But since I can’t call up Alan Flusser, the guy who outfitted Pacino...

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Mustang Sally

The klutz that I am, a camera strap is an absolute must-have, particularly when it comes to my extra special fancy DSLR. However, I’m not so keen on being an advertisement for it, and I’ve been scouring Etsy to find something a little cooler. The unique upcycled camera straps from Couch definitely fit the bill. Known for their super cool guitar straps, which I’m also bookmarking for my holiday shopping, the Couch camera straps are hip, gender neutral, and eco-friendly too, just like the Mustang Trunk Liner camera strap made from, yep, trunk liner from late 60’s and early...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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