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The best Beatles songs for kids

While there are some awesome kindie rock bands out there that we’ve featured both here and on Cool Mom Picks, there are plenty of awesome “adult” tunes out there that work just as well for our kids. Now that the Beatles are on iTunes (whoo!), I’ve pulled together a few faves–perhaps less obvious than Yellow Submarine and Octopus’ Garden. And they’re all ready for downloading, whether you got a shiny new iPod under the tree or you’re looking to add some new life to your old one. Just grab the whole album, or download individual songs and make your very...

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Piquing Our Geek: Custom Headphones for Lyric Freaks

I know people that I can describe as a man or woman of their word, but that’s being taken to a whole new level when words become a style of personalization for gadgets.  A pair of The Street Headphones are a holy, major, unabashed splurge at $1,100, but what you’re paying for isn’t what comes out of the headphones but what comes on top of them. These headphones, via design and research collective Freedom of Creation, can be customized with songs, quotes or whatever words represent the person wearing it. You have to admit they do look pretty stunning....

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Dads Dig This : Crosley Revolution Portable Turntable

Curious about what hot tech dads are digging these days? Here’s our next installment of Dads Dig This featuring Andy Blackman Hurwitz, aka Disco Daddy, who is the co-founder of Baby Loves Disco and dad to three adorable boys. While analog technology might be old school to some, it’s still high tech to me, thanks to the Crosley Revolution sitting neatly on my desk, which flips it back to the future. This cool machine plays music effortlessly and wirelessly through any fm radio — whether its transistor or full stereo — and is totally cord-free, making it super portable....

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iLove the iPig

In my own experience, so many of the cute tech gifts out there that are obviously aimed at tweens and teens don’t seem to pack as much punch or power for the price as I believe they should. Basically, you end up paying for the pretty design as opposed to the actual technology. But that’s definitely not the case with Speakal’s iPig–just one of the slew of cool gifts we’ve got on our Cool Mom Tech Holiday Gift Guide. This little pink piggy isn’t just a looker–it charges and plays your iPod thanks to five speakers and a 15W...

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On the radio

Call me old school but I still love the radio. I could listen to NPR pretty much 24/7–and might–if it weren’t for my music-obsessed sigOth and those kids of mine who aren’t into Leonard Lopate just yet. If you have a radio junkie on the gift list, here are some radios that are mindblowingly gorgeous. The wooden radios by Singgih Kartono are called modern-viintage, but they’re more modern than vintage in their eco-sensibiity. They’re not cheap with the Magno Radio shown above starting at $150, but they are all handcrafted out of sustainable wood in an Indonesian farming village, where...

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Sansa Fuze+ lets you walk and rock at the same tme

My kids are already clamoring over all the toy catalogs that have been coming in the mail, looking wide-eyed page by page at the potential holiday bounty. They’re still on the young side to be begging for an electronic device, but portable media players of any kind are undoubtedly on many a wishlist. The options have come so far since the days of the good ‘ol Sony Walkman (R.I.P. 2010) and there are many products available, but I found a relatively new entry that’s a winner. The SanDisk Sansa Fuze+ is certainly a lesser known product than the iPod...

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Speakers that are music to a mom’s ears

My son is really into music and I can usually hear it blasting from his room, but the other day I was screaming and screaming…I mean requesting that he make his presence known. No response. I swung open his door and there he was, rocking out with his iPod, headphones in place. Oh, and I could hear the music from across the room. Generally I’m not a big fan of headphones for kids, but he can’t drag his docking station everywhere he goes. I think these Music Balloons might be the perfect solution. It’s a small, spongy, fun-shaped portable...

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Earphones to protect hearing. And possibly, relationships.

Zachary, could you come here please? Zachary…Zach, hello, I’m speaking to you. ZACH! Sound familiar? It can’t be just my kid who ignores me for all kinds of reasons, but the last thing I’d ever want as a reason is for him actually being unable to hear me. Frighteningly, one in five teenagers today is already experiencing significant hearing loss, and that number is on the rise. Since we probably won’t have much luck getting our older kids to turn Lady Gaga down, we still can mitigate any future damage to their ears with the right technology. Luckily, with...

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Creating harmony in the home – 6 tips you need, trust us

We have all adored the products from Logitech for a long time. They’re cool, stylish, super functional tech accessories are pretty much everything that’s right about tech, when tech gets it right. Because they’re the makers of the widely lauded Harmony Universal Remote, we thought, hmm.  As moms, we know that harmony and home are two things we don’t hear often enough together. So we put together a few of our own tips for creating harmony in the home when it comes to technology, then asked the gurus at Logitech to offer some of their own products and tips...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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