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Jonathan Adler goes wired. Or really, unwired.

We’ve long since ditched the land line and become a mobile-only household. Overall, I love the savings and consolidation; if not the fact that the stupid 3G network doesn’t reach my kitchen for some reasons. The main challenge for me, as with most busy moms, is remembering to plug everything in at night. Jonathan Adler, of all people, is making it easier with a fabulous cell phone charging station that looks more Barney’s than Best Buy.  I’m so glad the designer of all things beautiful and covetable has taken his plot for world design domination and moved it to...

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Perfect for fall – a speck of purple

I’m all for hopping on trends for Fall when it comes to my wardrobe, so I’m just getting used to the idea that I can do it with my personal gadgets too. And let’s face it, if you want to get on the purple train right now, a purple argyle iPhone case is a lot cheaper than most purple argyle scarves. Speck makes a ton of cool techcessories in fabulous fashion colors, and I’ve put together a few I’m loving right now–no heavy budget commitments required. I’m obsessed with speck’s iPhone 4 purple argyle case for my new phone...

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Bugaboo + iPhone = Conspicuous consumerism at its most practical

When I found out Bugaboo had come out with an iPhone holder accessory, my first thought was to roll my eyes. What, we can’t stand the idea of being out of reach of our precious phones for the time it takes to fish it out of our jacket pockets in the park?  But then I realized, wait, phones aren’t just phones anymore – they’re our MP3 players, our cameras, our maps, our breastfeeding trackers, and even our public bathroom with a changing table finders. So yeah, maybe an iPhone holder for that Chameleon handle is a fine idea after...

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iPhone cases for the terminally hip, courtesy of Threadless

Previously seen on Cool Mom Picks I could count the many ways in which I am completely obsessed with  Threadless, the original crowdsourcing art-to-product site, but who has that kind of time? But with this, their latest, my life may just be complete–Threadless has teamed up with Griffin to make cool iPhone cases. Catch me; I’m swooning.  Now sadly, the iPhone cases won’t fit a geriatric first-generation iPhone, but for you 3G and 4G folks, have at it. It will also fit an iPod touch 2G, making it a fab tween gift too. When we first featured the cases,...

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Kids Eat For – Consider it an app for free fries

Previously seen on Cool Mom Picks Yeah, sometimes we want to hit our favorite restaurant and the kids can nibble off our plates or make do with — gasp! — adult food. But other times we’re faced with the realities of a tight budget and wanting to keep the peace. With Kids Eat For loaded up on your iPhone, a quick scan will show you the restaurant deals in your area for when you’ve got kids in tow. Because Kids Eat For is user-driven, you can both add your own finds and update entries that are no longer valid...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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