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4moms brings amazing technology to a brand new collection of must-have baby gear

I’m amazed every day at how many tech innovations in baby gear there have been since I had my first daughter nine years ago, many of which we’ve featured here on Cool Mom Tech. By far, one of the most popular strollers we’ve shared with you was the 4moms Origami stroller, also the makers of one of my favorite play yards. And now we have the exclusive scoop on three amazing new products from them and wow–they are incredible.  Let’s just say I am geeking out over baby gear and don’t even have a baby.   rockaRoo Baby SwingRecently,...

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Strollers go way high-tech with the Origami stroller from 4Moms

Recently, I had the pleasure of stopping by The Better Show to share our favorite tech gadgets and gear for new parents. While I love all of them, I have to say the runaway hit on the set–even among the non-parents on the crew–was a truly amazing, high-tech stroller. The Origami stroller comes from 4moms, a company that applies innovative technology to traditional baby gear for some really amazing results. In this case, you’ve got a stroller with an LCD dashboard right at the handlebars, that help you track the temperature, distance walked and time spent–great incentive for working...

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The coolest tech gadgets for new parents – Cool Mom Tech shares them on The Better Show

This morning, you might have caught our Editor Liz Gumbinner on the Better Show talking about the coolest tech gadgets for new parents. And if you didn’t, well you’re in luck because we’ve got the video right here and links to all the awesome products. Whether you’re an expectant parent or have a little one (or more) in the house already, you won’t want to miss these amazing gadgets that will definitely make life easier. If only they were around when we all started having babies! Products featured: 1. Watch Over Me Dream Station 2. Belkin WeMo Baby Monitor...

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LelaKnows – for strollers

I have always asserted that if I were to win the lottery, I would acquire the services of a personal chef, personal trainer and personal shopper. Since the odds of that happening are pretty rare (or zero), at least you can get something close to a personal shopper online now, and it’s made just for parents in search of the most perfect gear. LelaKnows is a website that uses a “Compatibility Engine” to help cater your¬†tastes to baby products on the market. You take an initial compatibility quiz that assesses your style, then your best baby product matches magically...

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The cutest iPod player you’ll ever see (and hear)

Before I had kids, I was one of those people with headphones firmly planted in my ears during my commute or even when I was just picking up toothpaste at the drug store. Now that I have two little ones, I need to be on alert at all times, meaning no headphones. But to my delight, I discovered an awesome–and adorable–way to bring music along for the stroller ride. Woon iDolls are the brainchild of a mom of three who was tired of music-less stroller rides. Using her eye for design (she used to work in the fashion magazine...

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Bugaboo + iPhone = Conspicuous consumerism at its most practical

When I found out Bugaboo had come out with an iPhone holder accessory, my first thought was to roll my eyes. What, we can’t stand the idea of being out of reach of our precious phones for the time it takes to fish it out of our jacket pockets in the park?  But then I realized, wait, phones aren’t just phones anymore – they’re our MP3 players, our cameras, our maps, our breastfeeding trackers, and even our public bathroom with a changing table finders. So yeah, maybe an iPhone holder for that Chameleon handle is a fine idea after...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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