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Back to School Tech: Must-have apps for parents

Back to school time for parents means back to school tech. After all, it is time to get back into the organization zone. (Unless you’re one of those rare people who stays super organized all the time. In which case…well, don’t rub it in.) Here, a few of our favorite apps that can make life a whole lot easier all year long. For meal planning and cooking: 5 must-have apps We recently covered five of our very favorite iOS and Android apps to help you with meal planning and cooking, from apps to help you shop, to apps that help...

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Back to School Tech – The coolest laptop backpacks for big kids

With the back to school season here (surely you’ve heard by now), over the next couple weeks we’ll be putting together these mini guides on back to school tech to help you out with a few must-haves, helpful apps, and cool ideas. Starting with laptop backpacks for those of you with bigger kids taking the plunge. (The idea of a big kid carrying a laptop to school in a regular old backpack gives us the shivers!) Here, some of the coolest laptop backpacks that will ensure the precious laptops–and your kids’ precious backs–all stay safe. As you might have...

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Back to school tech: Our favorite helpful websites

We know the one thing integral to keeping your sanity during back to school time is organization. Whether you volunteered to be the classroom mom and need to help wrangling 26 families or you’re just trying to keep track of your own, we’ve rounded up 9 of our favorite websites that are almost like having a personal assistant. Almost. If you need an online organizer and digital meeting place for your group, whether it’s your neighborhood parents’ club or the parents on your kids’ soccer team, you’ll want to head straight for Big Tent. This popular free site lets you stay...

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Back to School Tech: 10 smart apps for parents

Of course back to school time is mostly about the kids, but we moms and dads need all the help we can get too, to ensure we get the kids out the door on time, all while keeping up with our own busy schedules. While we can’t offer you a free sitter, housekeeper and the staff of 10 that could help make things easier, we can show you a whole bunch of amazing apps we tracked down just for parents. With any luck, your your days will run like a well-oiled machine. The Awesome Note note-taking app acts as...

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Back to School Tech: Educational apps for little kids

My iPhone and iPad have a few games to keep my little kids entertained, but as it turns out, they’re often more enthralled with the educational apps I’ve got loaded up. And really, what better way to help reinforce their learning with cool games that just so happen to be teaching them too? Here, 8 apps for toddlers and preschoolers that we really love. Toddlers and preschoolers alike will love My Very First App (above) which brings Eric Carle’s amazing artwork to life in a series of matching and memory games at various levels ($1.99 at iTunes). The well-loved...

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Back to school tech: Educational apps for kids

Getting my kids to do a few math or grammar workbook pages is not easy. But getting them to play an educational app on my iPad? Piece of cake. But not all educational apps are equal. And some are just so great, we sifted through a bunch and put together our favorite educational apps for grade schoolers and tweens. Superheroes battle bad guys…with math equations? Numbers League (above) is a total win from the comically awesome characters to the brain challenge it’ll provide everyone from beginners to super-scholars. ($3.99 for the iPad) The much-loved Brain Pop website comes to your...

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Back to school tech: Smart gadgets for parents

Just because it’s back to school time doesn’t mean kids should get all the cool gadgets. We’re the ones lugging them from soccer to ballet and back home again, so we can sure use all the extra hands we can get to make life a little easier. Here are some awesome gadgets that will make your back to school way less stressful. Sony Cybershot (above) Sometimes a smart phone camera just isn’t enough. Especially when that first preschool sing or school play comes around. ($200 at Sony) NeatReceipts Scanner Scan and organize your kids’ art online so you can actually see...

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