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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The best photo editing and sharing resources

If parents all do one thing with technology, it’s take and share pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. This year saw a slew of new apps and resources to help making your picture taking, editing and sharing easier and more fun. Here are our editors’ favorites. InstagramKristen + Liz: The fact that the number of Instagram users is surpassing the number of Foursquare users says something, and we bet the huge number of parents on this photo-sharing social network has a lot to do with it. While we did prefer the filter before this year’s app update, it’s still...

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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The coolest gadgets for kids

Even though our kids somehow get their hands on our own smart phones and tablets, these cool gadgets are made just for them. And guess what? They love them so much they actually leave ours alone. LeapPad ExplorerLiz: First there was Cabbage Patch Kids, then Tickle-me-Elmo, then the LeapPad Explorer tablet, the next “impossible to find” must-have holiday gift for kids. It’s not entirely surprising considering the excellent functionality, LeapPad quality, and affordable price. That is, unless you bought yours scalped off a guy on Craig’s List. VTech InnoTabKristen: I am impressed with how much kids can actually do...

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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The coolest apps for little kids and preschoolers

We use our gadgets as just one tool in a huge arsenal of parenting tricks to help us entertain our little ones. When we do, here are the apps that keep our kids happy, with lots of emphasis on storytelling, imagination and creativity. Toca Boca appsLiz + Kristen: Every app this Swedish company makes turns to digital gold. From the quirky Toca Hair Salon to the charming Toca Tea Party, these are the apps our younger kids return to again and again. Often with the company of their big siblings. Eric Carle: My Very First AppKristen: It’s no surprise that...

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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The coolest apps for tweens and big kids

Those tweens and big kids can be a tough crowd when it comes to technology, but these apps have passed the test. And why we’re always wondering where our iPhones and iPads are. BrainPOPLiz: Our post headline says it all: Brain Pop Jr answers kids’ questions better than “ask your father.” While technically a website, there’s also a free iPad app that that features one of their entertaining, educational, non-patronizing movies a day. Topics range from presidential history to financial literacy, even 9/11. Weird but TrueKristen: What is it about bigger kids being obsessed with all things odd and...

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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The coolest apps for grade schoolers

These top kids’ apps of 2011 are the perfect combination of education and entertainment, which is why our editors–and our grade schoolers–think they’re cool. Don’t Let the Pigeon Run This AppLiz: While Mo Willems’ debut app is designed for preschoolers and up, I really think it’s the 5-6 year olds who get the most out of it. Because it’s more than an awesome ebook you help create yourself, it’s the tools and inspiration to get you writing on your own. Stack the StatesKristen: I have to admit that combining trivia with a sort of Tetris-like game is pretty brilliant....

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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The coolest online shopping helpers

As much as we love shopping, we love it even more thanks to the amazing sites and apps that make our online shopping experience much easier, especially on our wallets. FabLiz: Because I’m addicted to of course I’m addicted to the little alert that hits my iPhone at 11 AM every morning. It’s the fastest way to find everything that’s cool, modern, and possibly…mine.  PriceblinkLiz: I can’t even tell you how much money I’ve saved shopping this year with the help of Priceblink. While you can go right to their website, I love the browser add-on which automatically...

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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The coolest tech for productivity

Here, our favorite tech gadgets and apps of the year that to us, are like having another arm. Sometimes we busy moms appreciate productivity-enhancing technology as much as a few hours of extra sleep. iPhone 4SLiz: While of course I put put my iPhone 4S in about every tech category this year, it takes the cake hands down for productivity. With speeds that top my sad old iPhone 3, better social media integration, and of course, the lovely Siri who allows me to simply say “call Dad” to get it done, I’m doing way more on the go in...

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Editors Best Tech of 2011: The coolest family-friendly video games

For the last few years on Cool Mom Picks, we’ve ended the year with our Editors’ Picks for best of the year. We’re excited to do the same on Cool Mom Tech this year, starting with the best video games that the whole family will love. ABBA You Can Dance¬†(for Wii) Kristen: We’re all singing “Waterloo” around our house these days thanks to ABBA You Can Dance, which has kept us all entertained. Even the baby. And it’s a great way to work off those Christmas calories. From dancing. And laughing. Discovery Bay’s Duo Plink, Duo Pop (for iPad)...

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