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6 fantastic last-minute Father’s Day gift ideas you can create online right now. Hurry!

Did June 19 sneak up on you this year? We hear you! If you’re looking for a cool, thoughtful last-minute Father’s Day gift that requires little more than your computer or mobile device and an internet connection, we’ve got you covered. No need to hit the mall or comb through the picked-over racks at the local card store; you don’t even need a printer or ink for these great last-minute gifts for dads. Hope one is perfect for a cool dad in your life.   1. A Multimedia Digital Scrapbook Part online scrapbook, part group card, part multimedia experience  Imprint is a new favorite find...

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A beautiful last-minute Father’s Day gift that’s totally free

I love the idea of giving the gift of photos, videos, and heart-felt messages for Father’s Day (or any special day, really), but they’re not exactly the easiest things to give. Do you attach a video to an email? Send a sweet text? Print out a photo and mail it? I know, I’m hilarious. That’s why I was so thrilled to discover Imprint, first as our Facebook sponsor and then when my friends gifted one to me for my 40th birthday. After seeing, and yes weeping through, my own Imprint, I was convinced of how cool it was and...

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Geeky gifts for gamers: 6 fun ideas for Father’s Day and beyond.

Okay procrastinators. It may be a little late to order something awesome online for Father’s Day…or maybe not! Check for shipping options for some of these cool geeky gifts for your favorite gamer, or just bookmark it for future gift ideas. There are always birthdays, holidays, graduations, and anniversaries. Should you be the type of couple who celebrates your anniversary with an intimate game of Call of Duty: Black Ops.   Turns out this control freak tee has nothing to do with dominance over the TV remote, but a proficiency in all gaming systems. So fun. The custom video game controllers are so...

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Father’s Day cord taco is an awesome little tech gift. No hot sauce required.

When I think Father’s Day gifts, I don’t necessarily think tacos. Not that there’s anything wrong with tacos. But I do think tech gifts, and while it’s hard to find affordable ones, I am so happy to have discovered our friends at This is Ground making a special Father’s Day edition set of their smart, handmade in the USA leather cord wranglers. Following in the footsteps of their Mother’s day edition cord taco, which was all metallic and beautiful, there’s now a set of 5 Father’s Day cord tacos featuring clever designs referring to baseball, mustaches, and biking. And of course,...

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Last minute tech gifts for Father’s Day: Ideas galore. Good ones.

If you’re still scratching your head about the perfect gift for a tech-savvy dad, we’ve got some last minute tech gifts for Father’s Day that we hope will do the trick. Things to ask that might help you out: Can I get it in a local store? Can it be emailed? Can I get it overnighted with Amazon Prime? Can I make it myself? With those criteria in mind, we present xx gift ideas for some very lucky dads and grandpas out there. THE ROKU STREAMING STICK OR GOOGLE CHROMECAST Also great for the traveler–or just the guy who can’t...

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13 Father’s Day gifts for geeky dads. (That’s 1101 ideas in binary)

We love our dads. We love our geeky dads. So of course we want to put together some of our favorite Father’s Day gifts for geeky dads that we’ve been seeing, loving, and bookmarking for ourselves. Great news: You don’t have to shop at ComicCon to find something perfect. Although two tickets would make a pretty sweet gift in itself. Some you can still order now in time, some you can find in local shops, some will just offer some needed inspiration. But hopefully none of them are the kinds of things that will just lie around, cluttering around his...

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Cool iPhone cases for dads: 11 fun options for Father’s Day tech gifts

Admittedly we spend a lot of time window shopping for our own tech gadgets, but with Father’s Day coming up, we thought we’d do the benevolent thing and look for a little gadget case love for the menfolk. Should the cool dads in your life  not be into florals or chevrons, here are some cool iPhone cases that could make a nice little gift to go with a new iPhone–or just make the old one feel a little newer.  I am so taken with the Coach leather colorblock iPhone cases that I want either of them for myself. But as I told you,...

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Fitness gifts for dad: The best wearable fitness tech to keep him going and going and going.

Dads may love gadgets, but there are some dads who prefer the kinds that help get them off the couch. With wearable tech booming this year, we’ve rounded up some favorite fitness gifts for dads who want to get in shape this Father’s Day– or who are already in great shape and want to stay that way. Basis Health Tracker We recently checked out the new Basis health tracker (at top), and we immediately thought it would make an awesome Father’s Day gift. Not only does Basis feature super advanced technology, automatically tracking walking, biking, running, sleeping, and resting heart rate, but it also looks elegantly...

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A personalized wooden iPhone case for dad that says don’t mess with my iPhone, kid.

I’ve been having the best time browsing for Father’s Day gifts on the site lately.  (Also uh, self-proclaimed Mother’s Day gifts, in which every day is Mother’s Day but that’s another story.) But if we’re to think of the dads–oh, think of the dads!–then I’m really enjoying the mini-Fab shop, which includes a nice selection goodies including plenty of  rugged, manly man  personalized wooden iPhone cases. Lions and tigers and sugar skulls, oh my. Or hey, just provide your own and the artist can work with you, should the very cool sailor swallow not be dad’s thing. (Though...

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Splurgey tech gifts for dad: 2013 Father’s Day Gift Guide

We’ve shared our favorite tech Father’s Day gifts under $50 (they exist!), and then our favorite gifts for under $150. Now it’s time to bring out the big guns. If your dad or Grandpa or even Great Grandpa were extra especially deserving this year–you know what we mean–here are some of our favorite gift ideas meant to make a big impression. We still suggest you throw in a handmade card. Unlike technology, that never goes out of style. Lomocam Belair X 6-12 Jetsetter Get back into real film with this amazing medium-format lomo-camera that takes square, rectangular or even...

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