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Does this tote make my laptop look fab?

We have all been raving about the gorgeous Knomo laptop bags for a while now. And judging from the London-based company’s new high quality, thoughtfully-crafted collection of laptop totes, we’re going to keep doing just that. Each one of these bags practically has Buy Me For Mother’s Day stamped — ever-so stylishly — on its side. The totes strike a lovely balance between fashion and function, and here are three we thought those of you attached to your laptops would love, if you want to swing those new MacBooks in style. (Figuratively speaking. Please don’t swing your laptops.) CMP is an rstyle affiliate Related: 3 designer laptop bags for  Mother’s Day. Or...

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A USB necklace that doesn’t actually do anything but look fabulous.

It used to be that cool geeky jewelry was pretty hard to find, but now, there are so many options that I’m having a hard time holding onto our credit cards, which is exactly the case with this fun USB necklace that I think will make a tech-savvy mom very happy this Mother’s Day. Hint hint.  I fell in love with Monserat De Lucca when I discovered their sign language alphabet necklaces, and this USB necklace is no exception. And not just because it looks like the Cool Mom Tech logo. Well, okay, maybe, but really, it’s such a clever twist on the typical geeky pendant...

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A custom iPhone case that’s perfect for Mother’s Day. Tissues are extra.

Whether you are looking for a thoughtful, unique, and sentimental Mother’s Day gift–or just really want one for yourself– check out My Little Buffalo’s custom illustrated family portraits which–hint--would make me a very happy recipient. And that’s not just because it’s way easier than trying to wrangle my large crew into a photo sitting. What’s also cool is that this portrait can be printed onto a custom iPhone case so that an iPhone loving Mom or Grandma can take her family portrait with her wherever she goes. Lisa Nelson’s colorful, not-too-fussy illustrative style creates an image that looks sweet, casual, and not cartoony—just like...

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21 cool, tasteful photo display ideas beyond just framing them.

I have spent the last I-don’t-know-how-long searching for the coolest photo display ideas for my own snapshots. Because there are so many pictures I love, but getting my photos off my phone and printed seems to be a major feat for me these days. Even when I do get them printed, they tend to get stashed in a storage box — and a lot of good that does me! So instead of just stocking up on a million frames at the craft store and taking over an entire wall, I’ve found some really cool photo display ideas for my home. I love how...

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The #GetSmartBag: A splurgy, kind of ridiculous, but very awesome example of tech meets fashion

In a world… (sorry, had to start that way since we’re talking Hollywood here) where cell phones are de rigeur and struggling to grab a selfie while fumbling with your evening clutch is not, it was inevitable that this would happen: The #getsmartbag Minaudiere iPhone clutch. This totally swanky, splurgy, smart evening bag is designed to let you take a picture, send a text, even answer a call without ever taking your phone out of your bag. Dude! It’s like Her, only without the earpieces.  Or the sad dysfunctional love story. Or the high-waisted pants. The design of the #getsmartbag really...

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6 of the best Mother’s Day card apps for those who wait until the last minute (you know who you are)

In addition to the adorable handprint crafts and other Mother’s Day gifts ideas that are in full supply in May, greeting cards are of course essential. And now there are so many great options for both digital and physical cards right from mobile phone apps, depending on how last-minute we’re talking. Here are a few of my favorite Mother’s Day card apps. Just know you’re down to the wire for sending physical cards (get on it!) but you have plenty of time for crafting a perfect digital card. Red Stamp app An all-star on the Cool Mom Tech front,...

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