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A math app for ninjas

After hours of coaxing without success, I gave up begging my 7 year-old sons to practice math drills on a worksheet and I headed to my iPad. I knew there must be a math app that played like a video game to keep him engaged. And wouldn’t you know it, I found it. Math Ninja HD lets players choose which math skill they are practicing while defending their treehouse against invaders. If the player chooses the wrong answer, he’s shocked with 1000 volts of electricity. No, just kidding – the correct answer is displayed and the player must enter...

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C is for cookie. And counting. And cool, Sesame Street just took on video games.

Confession: My husband and I have a Wii, and our 3 year old daughter doesn’t even know it exists. I’m not a big fan of little kids who are addicted to video games. I get uncomfortable seeing a family out to dinner with a child who’s old enough to sit still and behave, instead ignoring everyone, buried in the pixels.  So, you can imagine how hesitant I was when the people at the Sesame Workshop invited me to try out their new video games for preschoolers. Well, call me a changed woman. [don’t miss an awesome giveaway after the...

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An iPad app to make math as fun as Bingo

We’ve only had our iPad for a week now, and already my homeschooled daughter and I are reaping the benefits thanks to so many of the cool, educational games we’ve discovered. Some of which, like Math Bingo, can be a fantastic addition to what can be a pretty one dimensional curriculum. Homeschooler or not, I’m finding Math Bingo to be a creative and interactive way to help your kids enjoy doing math drills. Once your kiddo enters her name and chooses an avatar, level, and skill, she’s asked to complete simple (or challenging) math equations. Answers are scattered around a...

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Homework by dragon

For some time now, I have been looking for software to help my sixth grader organize his thoughts while writing school essays. I recently complained to a friend that dictation software didn’t work well with my son’s tween voice. Basically, it was producing written sentences that were closer to Jabberwocky than Grapes of Wrath. My friend quickly cut me off with two words: Dragon Dictate. He then un-holstered his precious iPhone, clicked on the Nuance Dragon Dictation icon, hit record and started talking. Like magic, his voice was accurately converted to text on his phone. My son tested it...

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Apps for healthy kids: Enjoy them with a plate of broccoli

We tend to think of apps for kids as the bits of genius that keeps them occupied in the doctor’s waiting room, maybe help them brush up on their 3 R’s. But we’re always looking for ones that get kids smarter about other stuff too. Like, say, food and healthy eating habits. Turns out, so is Michelle Obama. As part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move! campaign to help take on childhood obesity, nearly 100 software developers, game designers, and super smart college students designed their own desktop apps (or really, websites) as part of an Apps for Healthy...

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Splish Splash I was taking an app

No techie parent needs convincing that the right app can do a lot more than keep your kid entertained while you wait in a long check out line or try to finish your food at a restaurant. The best ones actually teach your kids. Splish Splash Inn, from Shortstack, is one of those great educational-but-your-kids-will-never-know-it apps that we really love. Splish Splash Inn teaches kids numbers and counting from one to ten, (in French and Spanish too), but what really makes it a stand out is the adorable music and animation. If you’re a fan of They Might Be...

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Xie Xie for the new Chinese for Munchkins app! (Thank you!)

Yesterday my son had a playdate with a little Chinese girl, coincidentally the same day I downloaded Chinese for Munchkins to my iPhone. The amazed look on her face when I asked them if they had seen a hóu zi or a lóng (a monkey or a dragon) at school was priceless. The look on my son’s face was decidedly more, Woman, what are you doing!? Stop being a dork! Chinese for Munchkins is an adorable app to teach words for animals and numbers to kids, or frankly anyone who wants to learn a little bit about a language...

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It’s true, fish really is brain food

Previously posted on Cool Mom Picks So it’s become pretty clear that iPhone apps can be God’s technological gift to parents wanting to avoid toddler meltdowns in restaurants and pediatrician offices. Some of my favorite apps for the younger set come courtesy of Duck Duck Moose, which is slowly taking over the “educational app” category with their graphically clever learning games. When your 2-4 year old is ready to take those Sesame Street concepts a little further, they’ll love Fish School which uses funny little fishies, humorous sound effects, positive reinforcement, and an incredibly simple interface to help teach...

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