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Would you pay to cheat on Angry Birds?

I admit that I’ve been completely sucked into the Angry Birds craze, as has my entire family. So much s,  that my kids know exactly what level we’re stuck on. Level 16 on Angry Birds Seasons, if you’re curious. So I have to admit that my interest was piqued when I found out that you can now up your game with a paid cheat that’s kind of intriguing. The new Angry Birds iPad app update features 15 new levels as well as cool themes and support (although maybe support groups would be better). Plus you can earn a Golden...

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Tony Hawk: Shred – both cool and utterly terrifying

My own sigOth devoted much of his misspent youth to life as a skaterboi. Me? I had a strong sense of self-preservation. I liked sticker collecting. So I couldn’t resist the chance to try out the new Tony Hawk Shred Game for XBox 360 which I thought might let me conquer those Ollies and Nollies for the first time. Holy cow, this is not a skateboard simulator at all; it’s more like an actual skateboard. Without the wheels of course. Step on the gritty surface of the state-of-the-art board with motion sensing technology, then get ready start catching air....

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LevelUp Aperture Gaming Storage Tower

We’re Wii fanatics around our house and sadly, it’s pretty obvious. We’ve got games, remotes, and yes, even guitars haphazardly strewn about our basement. But then I got the LevelUp Aperture gaming storage tower, and I shed a little tear of happiness every time I see it. And boy, do you need this if you plan on stocking up on gaming essentials this holiday. This simple, smart organizer features space for your games, remotes, and two guitars, as well as your actual Wii console. It took my husband all of two minutes to set it up and since then,...

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Getting kids off the couch with the help of a Wii remote. And Dora.

I’ve said it before: I’m not usually a big fan of small children playing video games. But I make an exception when they’ve got some educational value and they get kids moving. I’m pleased to see that Nickelodeon and Nintendo have teamed up to do those very things with a smart new line of video games. [don’t miss a great giveaway after the jump!] Nickelodeon Fit for Wii has 30 engaging games that will give your kids a workout. Kids can hula hoop with Dora, jump rope with the Backyardigans, or even leap over hurdles with Kai Lan. They’ll...

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Kinect For Xbox 360 gets families moving without a controller. Holy wow.

We know different parents have different feelings about gaming. But personally, we don’t think it’s gaming that make kids inactive. Inactivity makes kids inactive. So we like that increasingly more games, especially for older kids are getting families off our butts and bringing us together. (That is, when we’re not out playing soccer or doing gymnastics or pole vaulting.) That’s why we’ve all been on the edges of our seats, awaiting the launch of Microsoft’s Kinect for Xbox 360, a motion sensor gaming system that lets you have all of the fun without worrying about flinging your controller through...

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Piquing our Geek: The Silly Bandz game for Nintendo DS

Well, it was only a matter of time before our favorite landfill-embellishing cheapo kid pleaser made the licensing rounds. Any day now I expect Silly Bandz bedding, Silly Bandz bike accessories, and a Silly Bandz animated series on Nick Jr. featuring the made-for-TV Silly Bandz Band, with Imagination Mover Dave Poche on guitar. But for now? We’ll just have to settle for the Silly Bandz game for Nintendo DS coming out next month in time for holidays. Evidently the Zoo Games Inc. game has players trying to rescue captured Silly Bandz (oh noez!) using the Bandz that they’ve got...

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