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Where to find a Nintendo Switch in stock.

If you’re like me, you’ve been trying to track down the Nintendo Switch since it was released last week, and well, let’s just say it’s been no easy feat. Unfortunately, my search has been pretty unsuccessful as of yet, but in the process, I’ve discovered a bunch of websites, resources, and tricks to help me keep track of who has the Nintendo Switch back in stock, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Here’s hoping they help you actually score a Nintendo Switch. Just save me one, okay? Where to find a Nintendo Switch Store Websites So, the weekend the...

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Sponsored Message: VidMob helps you turn your home videos into masterpieces

This is a sponsored message from VidMob   Take all those videos of school concerts, soccer games, even family vacations sucking up memory on your smartphone and turn them into professionally-edited masterpieces you’ll watch over and over thanks to VidMob. This app is an easy way for you to take short snippets or full-length clips, and transform them into a cool video — think family vacation highlights, a year-in-review for each child, even a sweet last-minute Valentine’s Day gift — by connecting you with an actual video editor. (Yes, a real human!) You might even keep it in mind for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day,...

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LG Art of the Pixel celebrates technology, design, and the creativity of youth

Usually when I check out a new tech product, it’s me in a conference room (or sometimes alone) listening to someone wax poetic about its features. But nope, not LG. They recently announced their phenomenal new LG Ultra HD TV 4K and LG OLED TVs in about the coolest way I’ve ever seen: With a celeb-packed digital design student award competition and gala in NYC last week. And lucky me, I got to attend as one of their media partners. The Art of the Pixel gala featured 9 finalists and two big winners (no idea how they pared them down from the 300 entries)...

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The must-have app for you iPhone videographers

I’ve long heralded my iPhone as my primary tool for taking photos and videos. With a library of almost 2,000 images and videos from my phone, you can imagine the impact it has on my storage space. Since my kids love to see videos of themselves, I’m so happy to find a new app that let’s me record in different resolutions for different events. The new iOS app, MRCamera is very simple. You choose between different resolutions–280, 480, 720 or 1080, the latter two being the default resolutions for the 4 and 4S. You then have the option to...

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GoPro — For extreme sport enthusiasts. AKA parents.

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited on a trip of a lifetime: To travel to Alaska to see the Aurora Borealis with a research team from GoPro, a family-run business that’s grown massively in just a few years. Before this trip, I wasn’t too familiar with GoPro and their super popular mountable and wearable still and video camera, which tends to be mostly on the radar of extreme sport enthusiasts. Given that the most extreme sporting I do is change a poopy diaper on an airplane, that’s probably why I didn’t know much about them. But after spending...

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Givit helps you avoid losing your precious Flip Cam videos

Pre-iPhone days (hard to believe there was ever a time), I relied heavily on two things to capture my daily life with my baby – my camera and my Flip video camera. If you can recall the ease of the Flip, the compact design, the big self-explanatory buttons…ah, technology was so simple back then. That’s why so many of us still use them. However, as we sadly announced last year,  the Flip cam is going away and this era is coming to a close. Which is why on April 15th, Cisco will remove all previously stored Flip videos from...

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iFilm lets you star in your own videos, for once

Out of sheer convenience, my iPhone has become my de facto camera and video camera to record all those precious kid moments. But in looking through my thousands of photos and videos in my library, I realize that I’m actually in about three pictures and in no videos. Hmmm.  While I don’t plan on completely handing off my photographer/videographer duties, I would like there to be some semblance of my presence when we are watching these videos in the future. This cool iPhone accessory is made for that very thing. iFilm is a Kickstarter project right now, and looks...

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Reach out and (almost) touch someone with these videoconferencing options

If you’re like me and have relatives far, far away (can’t get much farther than Korea), the holidays are a great time to re-connect. Times have changed a great deal from when we used to call an operator to connect to Seoul and then could only speak through a barely audible, crackly connection. Now, through the magic of technology and videoconferencing, you can get as close as you possibly can to your loved ones thousands of miles away. Depending on what you’re looking for, either wanting to videoconference on a call-by-call basis or needing a more long-term solution, here...

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Cisco Umi: Bringing families together like never ever before

Our closest family is over 2000 miles away.  This means other than a few annual visits, our together time is relegated to phone calls and computer conferencing, both of which can be tough with four squirmy kids under six like I have. But recently, Cisco offered to allow my family the opportunity to try out their new Umi telepresence, which turns your TV into a Jetsons-era videoconferencing system, and I am blown away. This system is, quite simply, a perfect–and perfectly amazing–example of how technology is connecting families today. Let’s just say My mother-in-law was rendered speechless, and that’s...

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Turning home movies into Sundance contenders. (Well, almost.)

I have so many adorable video clips of my kids scattered among my iPhone, laptop, Flip Camera (RIP) and removable hard drive. I dare to dream about turning this jumble of clips into longer movies with real Hollywood-like transitions and effects. The problem is, I don’t have the time or patience to learn how to do so. I recently came across a software program called Pinnacle StudioHD that helps ease the burden. This video editing software lets you import all your scattered videos into a single platform and then work your magic (or rather theirs) on creating a movie masterpiece. There...

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