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Internet safety for kids from CYBERsitter

I’m not quite ready to have all those internet safety for kids discussions. I’m already preparing myself for the moment when my oldest asks if he can set up a Facebook account. Granted, he doesn’t even know what Facebook is, and he’s in kindergarten, but I like to plan ahead. And part of the planning process, means being protected with the right software. There are a lot of software suites designed for parents like me who want to keep their computers as safe as possible for their kids. CYBERsitter is one of them and basically logs everything, blocks anything and...

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It’s Safer Internet Day. Do you know where your children are surfing?

We’re all about Internet safety for our kids, although I know that’s a little like saying we’re all for world peace. It’s a given when you’re a parent.  Well today happens to be Safer Internet Day and while my kids are still too young to be bookmarking NPR and uploading MP3s by themselves, I’ve decided to prepare them now. I think I’ll just start telling them now that the Internet doesn’t work anymore. The Internet is broken, guys. Sorry! Let’s go read a book.  For the rest of you, today gives you a great opportunity to take a look...

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Are kids losing life skills in favor of tech skills?

This week, a study by a tech company called AVG implies that “kids are learning tech skills before life skills”–with examples like the ability to use a mouse over the ability to tie a pair of shoes. You can read about it in a good ABC News story about kids mastering tech skills before life skills. I spoke to ABC News about it (I’m quoted in the article along with some other great tech bloggers) and my feeling is that first of all, this shouldn’t be an either/or situation. Kids should learn how to dial a smart phone, the...

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The Toshiba Kids PC means you can have your own computer back. Finally.

Are you sick of fighting with your kids over your computer? Because something tells me that more than a couple of you have that issue once your kids are old enough to do more than just stare mindlessly at pre-approved YouTube videos. Well, thanks to Toshiba, you won’t have to any more. I just got a look at the newly released Satellite L635 Kids’ PC and take it from a mom: Wow. This is the first ever full-sized, 13.3″ screen laptop made just for children (I’d say early grades) and Toshiba has loaded it up with a ton of...

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