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11 awesome legal streaming services that you might not know about. But should.

You know the frustration of sitting down for family movie night, searching Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, but not finding the show you’ve been so excited to watch, right? Well, we thought we’d share some other sites that stream great movies and TV shows — from classics to current content, for kids and adults. And yes, they’re legal! So, before you pay to rent a movie, check out these alternate legal streaming services first. You may just find what you’re looking for. And in the meantime, can someone please invent a tool that searches all our streaming apps at one...

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Netflix brings choose-your-own-adventure TV to kids and it is awesome!

Remember those awesome choose-your-own-adventure books we all loved as kids? Well Netflix has just launched their first in a series of choose-your-own-adventure TV shows, and mama? It’s so much fun! The first episode, Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale stars my favorite movie spin-off character ever, and is full of his signature wit, sarcasm and delightfully awkward moments, with plenty of jokes for the adults too. But this is no ordinary animated series. Periodically throughout the episode — 13 times, to be exact — a narrator (who totally reminds me of John Cleese) will stop the story and ask...

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This app lets you check out library books on your tablet. Free. From home. Yes!

I love the feeling of being surrounded by stacks and stacks of actual old-fashioned books at my local library. But, I also love that they’re embracing all the amazing new technology that has huge benefits for busy parents like me, who are still emphatic that our kids read as much as possible. That’s where the new hoopla digital app comes in. Let’s just say, life for readers is about to get soooo much easier. With the hoopla app, you can access your local library’s entire collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and even music, movies and television shows to download or stream right...

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The best Black Friday tech deals around the web

Looking for the best Black Friday online deals? We’ve got them, because we’re all about shopping in our pajamas today and spending a little more time with our families. Or leftover stuffing. Or possibly both. Keep in mind, these Black Friday tech deals are limited time, some are limited quantity, and shopping earlier is always best. Hey, at least you don’t have to worry about finding a parking space or waiting in line. Happy saving everyone! CMP is an rstyle and Amazon affiliate Don’t miss the Black Friday deals on Cool Mom Picks. There are tons!    sponsor   TARGET: Lots of online deals, which...

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What’s new and exciting from Apple for parents: The iPhone SE, the 9.7 inch iPad Pro, and iOS 9.3

There was lots of news at this week’s big Apple Event, from cool new developments in Apple’s dedication towards sustainability to awesome new product announcements (and price changes on existing ones). We took the time to go through it all, to share the most exciting news we think parents will care about. And yes, non-parents too.   iPhone SE As popular as the new bigger iPhone 6 and 6S models have been (not to mention the 6+), the demand for a smaller phone is still high. We’ve heard it from our own readers plenty — especially those of us ladies with smaller hands and tinier pockets....

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Sponsored Message: Slingbox lets you watch all your sports, movies, and other cable channels live, even on the road.

This is a sponsored message from Slingbox.   With more people taking their media on the go, Slingbox is an innovative service enabling you to watch and control all the cable TV channels you already pay for absolutely anywhere — on your tablet, phone, PC or Mac. All with no monthly fees. – Don’t miss a special limited time offer below –  Connect the Slingbox to your set-top box in seconds via WiFi or Ethernet cable, and the service “slings” your channels to your device, anywhere in the world. That means sports fans will never miss those live, must-watch games. That season finale of...

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Cutting the cable cord: 5 things that happened when I finally did it

I’d been considering cutting the cable cord for about a year before I actually took the plunge. My kids and I rarely ever watch cable, and pretty much never use the landline (I don’t think I ever actually learned that phone number!), so it didn’t seem to make sense for me to continue paying those huge monthly bills. So, when I moved into my new home six months ago, I decided to get rid of cable and telephone entirely, opting only for high-speed Internet. Well, let’s just say my kids and I have lived to tell about it — though I will admit that the transition...

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Web Coolness: Exciting news for Ahmed, who won Back to the Future Day, + geeky Halloween costumes

We rounded up some of our favorite tech links from around the web this week. We hope you like them as much as we did.   Here’s a fun, quick DIY for Halloween that the kids will love. We’re geeking out over the Gems of Wikipedia tumblr. (via swiss miss) Interesting stats about millenial parents and screen time. Looks like HBO is taking on Comcast and we can’t say we’re surprised.   We saw a lot of funny stuff in honor of Back to the Future Day, but our favorites were Target and IKEA. Awesome! 33 Halloween costumes based on...

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The big Apple announcement highlights you’ll actually care about: iPhone 6S, Apple TV, a keyboard, and whoa Siri!

The annual Apple announcement always marks the passage of yet another year for those of us in tech — and is also a reminder of the new, shiny iOS features that my current iPhone now lacks. Each September, we come to expect a flurry of new products, features and upgrades, and this event didn’t disappoint. If it was only a bit long. Which is why we’ve spent a lot of time poring through it and paring it down to just the news we think you’ll care about if you’re a consumer trying to figure out just what you might be interested in...

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A simple guide to cutting the cable cord: 4 of your best options

For well over a decade, people have been talking — or more like yelling — about being hamstrung by cable companies. Some had-it-up-to-here folks have started cutting the cable cord and looking for more manageable, customized ways of watching what they want, when they want, without emptying their wallets. But those early cord cutting options were limited. Like, you could get some of the basics from Column A, but the truly cool stuff from Column B? For a long time, those options remained off-limits, protected behind the Cable Subscribers Only velvet rope. But that was then. Now the options for viewers who want to severe ties with...

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