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Awesome, easy emoji activities and gear you need right now, because The Emoji Movie!

Are your kids as smiling-face-with-hands excited to see The Emoji Movie as ours are? We’ve already bought our tickets for opening day tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait to start celebrating our love for everything emoji, right? While we’re baking up some poop-emoji cupcakes and heart-eyes emoji Oreos (to sneak into the theater, maybe, shh), we thought we’d share some of our favorite emoji activities and gear that will keep stoking that emoji-obsession long after the movie ends. CMT is an rstyle affiliate  Related: 5 emoji collections we’re dying to see If you’re all about emojis in a...

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How to make cool social media stickers from your own selfies

If you’re on Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and now Facebook Story, you know that stickers are THE hottest thing right now. All caps required. Well, we found a fun new free app for you to try that let’s you turn your selfies into stickers. Yaaaaasss! Sticky AI, the newest app from Prisma (which we looooove), takes your selfies and turns them into still or animated stickers that you can add to chats in iMessage or on social media, including Facebook (Messenger too), Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and more with just a tap. And trust me, it’s easy. Related: Here’s how to use the new...

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Summer screen time making you nuts? Here’s how to manage it, parents.

If you’re like us, then your kids having been begging for screen time the second they got out of school. But hey, just because you’re home more doesn’t necessarily mean you get more time on your screens, kids. So, to help you manage the summer screen time, we’ve got a ton of fantastic resources, ideas, and tips to help make it a whole lot easier, all of which we’ve tried ourselves and can vouch for as working in our own homes. Related: The Circle for Disney screen time management system. Is it worth it?  Take a peek at our...

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This app lets you check out library books on your tablet. Free. From home. Yes!

I love the feeling of being surrounded by stacks and stacks of actual old-fashioned books at my local library. But, I also love that they’re embracing all the amazing new technology that has huge benefits for busy parents like me, who are still emphatic that our kids read as much as possible. That’s where the new hoopla digital app comes in. Let’s just say, life for readers is about to get soooo much easier. With the hoopla app, you can access your local library’s entire collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and even music, movies and television shows to download or stream right...

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Kids Listen makes it super easy to find the best podcasts for kids

I’m not the only one in my house who loves listening to podcasts. My kids, especially my son, are big fans too, which is why I was so excited to discover Kids Listen, a web app that creates curated playlists of the best podcasts for kids. And from what I can tell, they’ve got very good taste. Hello, Wow in the World! Related: How to find and listen to podcasts on your iPhone If you’ve ever tried to find good podcasts for kids on iTunes, then you know that the task can be pretty overwhelming. There are a ton of...

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Web Coolness: The annoying Instagram algorithm, how to listen to podcasts, and lots more.

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Cool Mom Tech is a reward style affiliate.   These portable park iPhone cases from Japan are cracking us up! Father’s Day, anyone? You’re not the only one annoyed by the Instagram algorithm. Someone used FaceApp on museum paintings and it’s awesome. A simple way to block calls and texts on your iPhone. Here’s how to find and listen to podcasts on your iPhone. Including our own podcast, Spawned!     What should you do with all...

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The free Lab4U apps are like having a science lab right in your smart phone

For those of you with budding scientists at home, the Lab4U app collection lets kids conduct real science experiments with just their phone. No WIFI required! The collection currently features two apps, Lab4Physics app and Lab4Chemistry, both of which use the sensors on your phone (in the camera, speakers, and other hardware) to measure variables like speed, velocity, sound waves, gravity or even to calculate the concentrations of chemical solutions. To be clear, these apps aren’t educational games. They actually transform your smartphone into the scientific instruments needed to perform real experiments, with step-by-step instructions on how to complete them. Once you record your data and the results...

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Stridepost: A free chores and calendar app for the whole family. Yep, even the kids.

I’m always a little more motivated to get to my chores when there’s a little reward involved, like watching a guilty pleasure TV show while I fold laundry. It’s the same for my kids, and the Stridepost app (iOS and Android) helps them see how doing their share around the house will earn them both an allowance and fun rewards for pitching in. Plus, it keeps track of events on our family calendar alongside the kids’ chores and responsibilities, which makes it easier to manage it all in one handy place. Here’s how it works. Related: A helpful guide to kids’ chores by ages. The parents’ app Parents can...

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The new SciMoji women of science emoji: Because the past is female, too.

If you caught that awesome GE commercial that ran during the Oscars, asking, what if female scientists were treated like rock stars? then no surprise that they’re extending the campaign in a very 2017 way: With a SciMoji women of science emoji sticker pack. Install the app from the App Store, and you can respond to WHERE R U with a photo of astronaut Joan Higgenbotham suiting up. Having a good day? Text a sticker that reads I’m as positive as a proton!  Or kick off a hot sexting session with your geeky sweetheart, using the sticker of carbon scientist Millie Dresselhaus that declares, we have...

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