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Can these board books tech babies rocket science?

Most baby board books aren’t, you know, rocket science. The ones I read to my four month old pretty much stick with friendly talking animals and geometric shapes, so I was a little surprised to discover the Baby University board books collection, which was designed to introduce the youngest kids to STEM concepts. Just the basic stuff though, you know? Like Newtonian physics, general relativity, quantum entanglement, and rocket science. Of course. My first thought when I saw titles like Rocket Science for Babies or Quantum Physics for Babies was, slow your roll there, Science. My kid is still figuring out...

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New parent must-have: Glow Baby app tracks everything from the first smile to the forty-seventh diaper. (Well, if you want it to.)

I can vaguely remember those new-mom days as a haze of me struggling to figure out how to juggle diapers, sleep schedules and pumping. The Glow Baby app (iOs and Android) simplifies all of that into one place, and it would have been great to have back then for me. But for you? Luckies. New parents, I highly suggest you download this app now. It’s free, and it will truly help calm the craziness in your house. It’s kind of like a baby book meets a baby tracker in the best possible way. At the top of your home screen, you’ll find the...

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7 of the cutest Star Wars baby gifts for May the 4th

It’s never too early to introduce your baby to the wonders of Star Wars, even if they are way too young to sit through the movies with you. (Maybe.) So on today’s Star Wars Day, May the Fourth be with you while you check out these fantastic Star Wars baby gifts we’ve gathered for the youngest fans-to-be. Hey, we started ours young, too. Related: 12 of the most awesome Star Wars posters and artwork for May the Fourth   Star Wars Darth Vader Teether Toy Little Sapling Toys’ limited-edition Darth Vader teether toy is only available through today, so order yours now so that your little one can...

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The Geek Baby Book: A memory journal to fill out beside the warm glow of the TARDIS nightlight.

There are any number of baby books and memory journals out there for new parents, but none I couldn’t put down, before it was even filled in. Until I saw The Geek Baby Book by Tim Mucci. Right from the first chapter, in which the author offers a list of possible boys’ names (Dagon, Flint, Loki, Xbalanque, The Humongous) and girls’ names (Lara, Xeni, Artemis, Ahsoka, Moxy, Zenobia, Explosion) you know you’re in for a fun ride. At least if you can appreciate tough love advice like your responsibility to share only Star Wars episodes IV, V and VI with your future...

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9 excellent tips for working parents: How to get back to work after baby as easily as possible

As a full-time working mom, one of the toughest things for me about going back to work after having my babies was, well, going back to work. You’re reacclimating to a work schedule on a paltry amount of sleep that would constitute torture in most international prisons; squeezing back into work clothes that may or may not now showcase new stains of unknown origin; and potentially figuring out the whole pumping business. But for me, the hardest part of all was simply getting used to not being tethered to my child all day. While of course that has some benefits, it was especially hard not to see her when I...

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Sparkup: An e-reader just for kids. (As in, hands off Mommy’s Kindle.)

Though reading to the kids has always been one of my favorite things to do, it’s not always possible for those of us who travel for work, have a newborn, or just get too busy to drop everything to read a book for the fourth time in an hour. On those days, instead of letting story time fall by the wayside, families of book lovers can turn to the Sparkup e-reader for kids to do the reading for them. Sparkup uses a built-in camera to “read” any title that has either been recorded or preloaded to it. To record a...

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Tinybeans app: A smart, simple, free baby book app to keep you from annoying everyone on Facebook

If you have a baby, you’ve probably said it’s all going by so fast 20 times just this week alone–and then felt guilty at least four times for forgetting to record all those sweet moments in a baby book somewhere. We get it! We look for the best apps for new moms and parents for a living, and we know what we’re all looking for. Like a pause button on this whole growing up thing. But since there is none, the Tinybeans app is here for us. It’s like a smart, interactive, free baby book app (yay free!) for Android and iOS that seems to know exactly where...

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Lifecake: A new baby app for parents that, unlike any other aspect of parenting, does the work for you.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that it took me about 9 months to print out pictures of my third baby and put them up around the house. When I think back to how diligent I was with baby #1 and (a little less diligent with) baby #2, I have vowed to be more proactive with the thousands of photos I have of her on my phone. Thankfully, there’s a neat new app called Lifecake (for iOS and Android) to help which ranks up there with DayOne and BabyBook as a terrific app for new parents to help log memories that might otherwise...

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The baby book app from CanDoBaby lets you chart milestones with so much ease, you can find time to make your own homemade baby food. Maybe.

I don’t know how moms manage to get their custom, meticulously created scrapbook baby books completed when they have little kiddos at home. I mean, it’s hard enough for me to get dinner on the table sometimes. And that’s exactly what the mom and dad creators of the Baby Book app from CanDoBaby (iOS only) thought too when they devised an easy-to-use baby book app that helps you to chart your baby’s milestones with photos, so you can easily build a photo book and save all these great memories. All from your iPhone and with very little effort.   What’s interesting about this, compared with other baby book...

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Heyday app: An automatic digital journal that does the remembering for you

As a full-time working mom of three, I can barely remember what I had for lunch today, let alone things my kids did three days ago, which is why I am so glad to have discovered the Heyday app. It’s become my automatic rememberer (is that a word?) and journaling companion so I don’t draw a blank on what we did over the weekend. The Heyday app automatically chronicles all the photos in your camera roll and keeps an ongoing digital record of everything you’ve done. It’s like keeping a journal but without you having to do anything, which for busy parents...

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