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#X – a simple way to prevent teen texting and driving

We’ve talked a lot about solutions to the texting and driving issue, from apps to hands-free devices you install in your car. And now ATT is doing more on the third anniversary of their popular It Can Wait campaign, by asking for more lifetime pledges, and promoting their new #X social hashtag. The idea of the hashtag is that teens (or anyone for that matter) text or tweet a message ending with #X as an indicator that they are now driving and not accepting texts. They’ve even launched a PSA with Demi Lovato about it. Now, I still think that an app that actually blocks texts...

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10 of the best organizational apps for parents: Back to School Tech Guide 2014

There’s excitement and anxiousness in the air at back to school time, but for many parents, this time of year can also bring about a little dread. As in: Ugh. Here comes the deluge of To-Do lists and classroom paperwork and lunch-packing and scheduling and on and on. So next up in our back to school tech guide, we present you with 10 of the best organizational apps for parents to help start the school year on the right foot. Whether you’re an Android lover, an iPhone addict, or yeah, even a few for you Backberry holdouts.   1. For Better Time...

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16 best math apps for kids of all ages: Back to school tech guide 2014

Math: The word alone strikes fear into the hearts of too many kids — and frankly, too many parents. That’s why we think it’s so important to find the very best math apps for kids to share with our readers, so we can help our kids get a great start in preschool, brush up on basic skills in grade school, or move forward in ways that are so much fun, kids might not even suspect they’re learning. We don’t know many children who love to drill concepts to the tune of a ticking clock. (Okay, I was one of them, but that’s a rarity.)...

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10 of the best apps for new moms and parents

When it comes to new motherhood and the number of helpful apps popping up, it seems the odds are ever in our favor. Whether it’s tracking the size of your growing belly from bump to beach ball or keeping tabs on nursing or milestones, we’ve put together ten of the very best apps for new moms and new parents (because, dads). While they’re all available for iOS, most are available for Android too, or are coming soon, and there are even plenty of free apps here. Hope you find each one smart, helpful, and definitely worth a download. 1. Best general pregnancy...

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How to get rid of unwanted cell phone calls? Lookup+ to the rescue

Even though I’m on the Do-Not-Call registry, I sometimes get the one-off unwanted cell phone call from a telemarketer that I wish I could block, because it always seems to call the moment we sit down for dinner. While I have come to accept that a few might slip through the cracks, getting these calls on my cell phone is completely unacceptable, which is why I’m happy to have discovered Lookup+ by PrivacyStar. This mobile app for iOS, Android and Blackberry is a glorified telephone directory/operator/super sleuth that lets you do things like report violations and telemarketers; add your...

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Get organized for the New Year with helpful to-do list apps

I’ve never had a problem with creating to-do lists, but having different lists scattered in different places seems to defeat the purpose of getting organized. So in the vein of actually having my to-do lists in one place, I’ve pulled together some of the best list-making apps out there. –Jeana  TeuxDeux  For simple and classic to do lists, TeuxDeux is your ticket. The app created by design blogger and entrepreneur extraordinaire Tina Roth Eisenberg, automatically syncs to the web-based TeuxDeux site so you can access your information from anywhere. An aesthetically-pleasing (of course), no frills online platform, TeuxDeux is perfect for those of...

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Organize your contacts for the new year – the newest resolution to add to the list

These days, with contacts in virtual address books, real address books (yes, I still use one), Facebook, LinkedIn, and apps galore, it’s getting increasingly essential to find a way to organize your contacts and streamline them in one place. Luckily, we’ve covered some great services and apps for precisely that purpose. Here are a few of my favorites. -Jeana  Brewster  To organize contacts on your mobile phone, Brewster is a great app for iOS (Android is coming!) that merges everyone’s social media profiles, contact information and more into one place. Using services like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more, Brewster...

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MyMusicCloud: Music from any device, anytime

Having a multi-platform, multi-device household can be difficult when all you want to do is transfer an itty bitty song from one device to the other. It’s a whirling dervish of cords, USBs, devices, and wandering MPEG files that usually ends up with someone throwing their hands up in the air and just plunking down the $0.99 to buy the darned song again.  But I just discovered a new service that may put an end to all of our multi-gadget music woes. MyMusicCloud is a service that lets you upload your entire music library to the cloud, for anytime-access...

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The best apps for more sane holiday travel

Seeing family and friends over the holiday break is wonderful way to round out the year, but sometimes getting to where you need to be involves traffic jams, travel headaches and long delays in airports with really bad food courts. No thanks, Santa. With technology by your side, however, you can minimize the hassle and delay as much as possible (assuming Alec Baldwin isn’t on your flight) and get to your destination with ease and organization. The following five apps should help you do that: Kayak  There’s a bounty of information on the Kayak app (above), making it the...

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Take the subway. Take the bus. Take the stroller?

We already think HopStop is a lifesaver for city-dwellers and city-goers. HopStop helps you navigate 62 major cities using detailed directions that walk you through one public transit system to the next. We even love that their directions conveniently tell how much carbon you’ll save and calories you’ll burn by walking a few blocks instead of riding all the way to your destination. (FYI: You’ll have to walk from Yankee Stadium to Central Park to burn off that soda you had at lunch.) But now, teamed up with FitPregnancy, HopStop has added another great feature we think you mamas will love. When...

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