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Why you should stop charging your phone and tablet in public ports right now

There have been plenty of times I’ve been stuck with a low charge on my smart phone or tablet, especially when I’m traveling, and have used one of those public charging ports to juice my device up again. Well, you might want to skip those because from what we’ve learned in this new CNN report, they’re a simple way for hackers to access your data. Yikes! Related: A new portable charger that backs up your data too As you probably already know, the cords you use to charge your devices also transfer information as well, so when you think you’re...

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5 fabulous Valentine’s Day tech accessories you can get at Nordstrom. Drool.

I’ve been a big Nordstrom fan for years, and not just because I have a little shoe addiction. Their customer service is unrivaled, like the time they sent someone to my home to take off a security tag an associate had forgotten to take off. Nope, I’m not kidding. What you might not know is that they have killer tech accessories, from tech wristlets to iPhone cases, even battery chargers that you won’t believe are battery chargers. Here, 5 fabulous Valentine’s Day tech accessories you can get at Nordstrom right now (though really, hearts are fun all year long). Good luck...

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The 15 coolest new tech gadgets of the year: Editors’ Best Tech of 2015

We’re always excited to try out all the new gadgets each year and wow, what a long way we’ve come since Cool Mom Tech launched five years ago. Technology like pressure touch screens, the overwhelming adoption of streaming music and media, the desire for portable everything, and items that have gotten both very very small (Polaroid Cube) and very very large (iPhone 6S Plus) are really changing the game. So we hope you enjoy our picks for the very coolest new gadgets of 2015 And psst…if you’re looking for cool tech toys? They’re coming up in their very own post.   -Liz +...

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The Prong PWR iPhone charging case works without a single wire or cord. Rejoice!

With all the fun we plan to have this summer, the one thing I don’t need is for my iPhone to run out of juice right when I’m about to snap that perfect picture or need directions to the closest ice cream stand. But, since I don’t always remember to pack my portable charger, and those cables tend to “disappear” when I need them most, I’m eyeing the nifty Prong PWR iPhone case and charger. Related: Our 5 essential portable chargers: Don’t leave home without one. Or more. Created for the iPhone 5 and 6 (but not 6 Plus, sorry), Prong’s new PWR Case has...

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Otterbox Resurgence finally blends top-notch protection with a battery charging case

When I first checked out the Otterbox Resurgence battery case for my iPhone 5/5S to see if it would make my list of portable charging must-haves, I had high hopes. We love the protection, function and customer service of Otterbox and their products are now even getting more stylish too. Unfortunately though, there were a few design flaws with the Resurgence that made it fall a little short for me. So when I checked back with them at CES earlier this year, I was thrilled (and a little amazed) to learn that the very improvements they made when they announced the Otterbox iPhone 6...

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The coolest tech accessories and stylish gadget cases: Editors’ Best Tech of 2014

We’re so excited to start sharing our Editors Tech Picks of 2014, all week long. Starting with those cool tech accessories we’re all coveting around here. Because as much as we love (as in, love) our tech gadgets, we might just be more excited about the increasing number of cool cases, sleeves and sundry accessories that make them more functional, more stylish, and just more fun. Here, our favorite of the coolest tech accessories we discovered in 2014 that we think any tech fan with great taste will love. We’ve sure come a long way from pager belt clips, baby.   This is...

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Our 5 essential portable chargers: Don’t leave home without one. Or more.

I have become a total battery power junkie, never leaving home without at least two portable chargers. Well, that’s including my charging case, to be fair. Partly it’s the dreaded iPhone battery drain that I’ve experienced more than I’d like, and partly it’s that I get twitchy just thinking about being out and about with 6% power left on my phone and hours left in my day. So for years, I’ve been testing and trying and playing around with numerous portable phone chargers and now, with all the holiday travel you may have coming up, it seemed like  a great...

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Juse: The solar powered mobile phone charging case we’ve all been waiting for.

We have covered hundreds, if not millions (Okay, probably not millions) of mobile phone cases over the years, and loads of mobile phone chargers too. But this super cool Indiegogo project I just learned about named Juse is the first solar-powered mobile phone charging case ever created, and it if does what it says it will do, it very well may get rid of those pesky charging cables for once and for all. Not to mention saving money and being a bit kinder to the earth. Juse looks to be an amazing tech accessory that relies on–you guessed it–solar power to keep your...

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The Power Wallet: The most stylish way to keep your phone charged

So a few months ago, we featured The Power Purse, which sold out so quickly I couldn’t even get my own hands on it. Well, now it’s back and better, with a cooler name and lots more room. And get this: We’re giving two away! The Power Wallet is pretty brilliant for us busy mamas who might have smart phone battery life issues, or hey, just want to be able to charge your phone on the go without searching for an outlet. It’s got lots of room for your cash, your credit cards, your 4000 receipts (oh wait, just me?), as well as a built-in battery...

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How to be prepared if your smart phone battery dies: 4 simple tips

Last week while I was out on a short trip to New York City, my smart phone battery died. Which wouldn’t have been a huge issue except I was in the middle of dealing with a minor emergency involving my youngest daughter left at camp and a babysitter without a carseat to get her.Thankfully, I was able to use a friend’s smart phone to finally get a hold of my sitter (and a carseat), however, I should have been way better prepared, especially considering I’ve had iPhone battery issues in the past. Here, 3 tips to ensure you’re never stuck in the same predicament....

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