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Web Coolness: The new NASA travel poster, a hot Instagram feature, and why people are leaving Snapchat

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   We’re loving this gorgeous new, free NASA travel poster. (via Laughing Squid) This device lets dads feel the fetus kicking in utero! Whoa. Ooh, wearable tech that’s actually chic and not gimmicky. Here’s how social media might be creating unrealistic parenting standards. Coming soon? Charging devices might be as simple as connecting to WIFI. Here’s everything you need to know about the hot new Instagram feature. 13 email etiquette rules from around the world. Randi Zuckerberg...

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Why you should stop charging your phone and tablet in public ports right now

There have been plenty of times I’ve been stuck with a low charge on my smart phone or tablet, especially when I’m traveling, and have used one of those public charging ports to juice my device up again. Well, you might want to skip those because from what we’ve learned in this new CNN report, they’re a simple way for hackers to access your data. Yikes! Related: A new portable charger that backs up your data too As you probably already know, the cords you use to charge your devices also transfer information as well, so when you think you’re...

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10 simple things you can knock off your tech to-do list for the new year

For me, the new year is about starting fresh, or at least, as close as possible, which is why I spend as much time as I can between Christmas and New Year’s crossing off as much as I can off my to do lists. If you’re like me, you’ve got a few (or many) tech tasks you’ve been putting off, not necessarily because they take a lot of time, but during the busy year, it’s easy to find other things that require your attention that are more important. With the new year upon us, here are 10 simple tech tasks...

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10 stylish holiday tech gifts for the fashionista | Holiday Tech Guide 2016

Our tech holiday gift guide continues, this time with stylish holiday tech gifts. Whether she just loves her smart phone, or considers herself a tech geek with style, we’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest gifts that we bet she’d love to have under the tree come next week. Don’t miss our big CMT Holiday Gift Guide giveaway! Details below. Spoiler alert: You can win an iPad.  CMT is an rstyle and amazon affiliate.  Kate Spade Tracker We’ve had our eye on these Kate Spade fitness trackers since they launched, and can you blame us? They track your activity level,...

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A side table that charges your phone. The future is here and we like it.

When Liz sent me a link to Furniqi, I sort of freaked out a little because a table that charges your phone is one of the smartest tech innovations I’ve seen in a long time (and trust me, I see a lot). And yes, while the name is a little tough to say — Qi is pronounced Chee — I’m impressed with this idea and the execution.   It’s not powered by magic, but rather electromagnetic induction so power reaches your phone through electromagnetic fields rather than a cable. That also means that if you want to use the Furniqi to actually charge...

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The Prong PWR iPhone charging case works without a single wire or cord. Rejoice!

With all the fun we plan to have this summer, the one thing I don’t need is for my iPhone to run out of juice right when I’m about to snap that perfect picture or need directions to the closest ice cream stand. But, since I don’t always remember to pack my portable charger, and those cables tend to “disappear” when I need them most, I’m eyeing the nifty Prong PWR iPhone case and charger. Related: Our 5 essential portable chargers: Don’t leave home without one. Or more. Created for the iPhone 5 and 6 (but not 6 Plus, sorry), Prong’s new PWR Case has...

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2 new cord clutter solutions from Bluelounge help you power up while staying organized

Living in these fast tech times means having to pause to power up our devices. It’s just part of the deal, right? And when we’re on the go, this often means searching for a free outlet, sometimes in strange places. But what about when you have more than smart device to charge? Thankfully our friends at Bluelounge are here with the new Bluelounge Portiko, a 6-foot extension cord with 2 outlets and 2 USB ports. The power cord allows you to plug in two laptops, a tablet, and a smartphone at once, all on one outlet. Plus, one of the USB...

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Earth Day 2015 picks: 5 cool tech gadgets to get you excited about solar power

It’s Earth Day 2015, and this is always the time we stop and think of ways that we can save energy — and money — in our everyday lives. One of the trends we’re really starting to see blow up, at last, is the use of solar power. There are so many smart products out there, and they’re getting even more affordable, accessible and truly useful for everyday people. When we’re out and about, we’re even seeing solar-charging laptop backpacks on the shoulders of people you’d least expect, so it’s clear it’s catching on. And that’s a good thing.   So we’re happy to...

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The thingCHARGER reinvents the outlet to charge all of the things.

We rely so much on our tech gadgets that it’s no surprise innovative charging solutions are such a hot commodity. We’re always looking for a smarter, sleeker way to power up our phones and tablets while keeping our homes organized, and we’re pretty impressed with how the new thingCHARGER charging station does exactly that. The thingCHARGER plugs directly into a wall outlet, but it’s really an outlet in itself. Both sockets are fully operational, plus there are ports at top with interchangeable adapters to charge or device any USB device at all–iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, other battery packs, you name it. Plus...

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7 cool new cord management solutions to get your home office organized. Finally!

Taming cords is one of my own top tech challenges, so I’m always on the lookout for new ways to get my desk more organized and keep tangles at bay. Because despite what design magazines tend to portray in their perfect home office photo spreads, cords are a fact of life in the real world today. Lots and lots (and lots) of cords. Whether you need a new cord management solution for your home office, or or just want your workspace to look more organized overall, we found some great new options to consider that we haven’t featured before. One of my favorite cord management finds from CES this...

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