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Why you should tell every restaurant you go to about this app that helps fight hunger.

My family has been looking for some ways to fill these long summer days by giving back to our community. We were shocked to find out that more than 20% of families are food insecure in the USA, which means you very likely know someone personally who’s struggling to get food on the table right now. So I shared 7 ways you and your kids can help fight hunger this summer, and one of my favorite ways is a very cool app we discovered. So, click over to Cool Mom Eats to find out why we think you should tell...

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The 3 best websites for coordinating meals. Yes, there’s tech for that now.

Whatever the case may be, whether it’s sick kids or new neighbors, getting meals goes a really long way. And, of course, tech helps, too. Seriously, how did our parents survive without it? Here, I’m sharing my 3 favorite go-to sites for coordinating meals for friends, from tons-of-options to very basic. If you aren’t already organizing them the 21st century way, give it a try. Related: Fresh takes on great meals to take to new parents. Move over, casseroles. Give in Kind Give in Kind is a cool site that organizes meals, and a whole lot more. If you’re...

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Facebook Fundraisers: Ask for donations to your cause, right in your News Feed

There’s a new option in the online fundraising world that’s going to make giving so convenient because it’s right in your Facebook feed. Yes, it’s true! Facebook has added the capability for any user to start a personal fundraiser on Facebook for themselves, a friend, or even an event or person who’s not on Facebook. To start your own fundraiser, go to the Facebook Fundraisers page, or tap the menu icon and select Fundraisers on the mobile app. (You don’t even need to update the app; it’s just magically there. Facebook, you get us.) Click or tap on the blue box that says Raise Money...

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Golden’s volunteer app: Our cool free app of the week.

So many families are looking for ways to give back over the holidays — and so many charities and schools are looking for helpers — which is why we love resources like Golden’s volunteer app (iOS and Android). Golden lets you scroll through volunteer opportunities that are near you, read a description of what’s needed (many with a cheeky sense of humor to them), and then tap Down to Volunteer if you, indeed, are. It’s just about the simplest way to find ways to give back that we can think of. And during the busy holiday season, that makes a big difference. Related: Help kids...

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#GivingTuesday scoop: How will.i.am is getting kids excited about STEM

We all know that access to expansive STEM education is essential for kids growing up today. It not only introduces what are now the basic skills needed to thrive in a high-tech world, but it has the potential to open up unlimited career opportunities to those kids who find their passion lies in areas like science, coding, math — and even music, graphic design, filmmaking,  and really,  problem solving of all kinds. So I am really taken with the work of the i.am.angel foundation, founded by musician, producer, entrepreneur and committed philanthropist, will.i.am. And in honor of Giving Tuesday, I hope it will be another worthy, impactful foundation...

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Share the Meal app: Our cool free app of the week

As my family is circulating our menu plans and meal prep responsibilities, I can’t help but think about families who are going without over the holidays. When I discovered the Share the Meal app (iOS and Android), I knew that this would be an easy and meaningful way for my family — and most importantly, my kids — to give back. For just $0.50, the UN can feed one child for one day. This is something I can most definitely afford to do, not just to help these children in need, but to help teach my children about empathy and compassion. When...

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Web Coolness: Free Minecraft coding tutorials, Twitter cracks down on harassment, and an app to teach kids empathy

Here are some of our favorite links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   10 fantastic online resources for curious kids, all of them free! Even cooler stuff you can do with Tripit: rate your flight right from their mobile app! Fun: Free Minecraft coding tutorials created for Hour of Code. Twitter finally rolls out their anti-harassment tools. The world’s largest Lego store just opened and whoa. This fantastic app for kids teaches them empathy and self-reflection.   It’s here! The new Star Trek clothing line from Think Geek and Her Universe....

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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