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How the Shopkick app now earns you free gift cards even faster | Sponsored Message

This is a sponsored message from Shopkick For years, Shopkick has been the fun, easy, trusted rewards app that’s helped millions of shoppers earn free gift cards just for walking into your favorite stores and buying everyday items. And now they’ve made it even easier to earn points (called kicks) when you do your weekly grocery shopping. In fact, starting today, shoppers have the opportunity to collect kicks at over 37,000 grocery stores across the U.S. The new Shopkick Grocery feature helps you discover the products with kicks at nearby stores — including hundreds of new additions from major brands you love. You can also create shopping...

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A vending machine that sells earbuds, chargers, and Advil. Why didn’t we think of this?

I’ve seen a lot of cool vending machines in my life (hello, beer vending machine in Japan), but the this cool techie vending machine I spotted at NYU the other day ranks pretty high up. You might have seen Vengo on Shark Tank, where they scored $2 million dollars in funding, and well, I can’t say I’m surprised. I was pretty impressed with the sexy interface, and featured items, which included everything from earbuds to extra charging cables, even portable battery chargers. Also, Advil. I can only imagine what they’ll think of next, like maybe a cupcake vending machine?...

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Like a Glove smart leggings: Can they really help you find the perfect pair of jeans?

For me, trying on jeans is about as dreaded as trying on swimsuits. There are so many brands with countless styles, cuts, and washes, it’s beyond overwhelming. So, when I saw the ads for Like a Glove smart leggings on Facebook, which promise to help you find a pair of jeans you’re going to love without the hassle, I decided to buy a pair. No dressing room? No kids in the dressing room? I couldn’t help myself. So, if you’re wondering if these smart leggings actually worked, and whether they’re worth a try yourself, here’s what happened when I put them to the test. CMT is...

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27 cool things you can do with the Amazon Echo: From productive time-savers to just plain fun.

I received an Amazon Echo for Christmas this year, and I have to admit at first I was a little skeptical. What is all the buzz about anyway and what can I actually do with an Amazon Echo? I wasn’t sure it could really do more for me than Siri or my phone, but after having Alexa (that’s the voice’s name) in my home for a few weeks, connected to my Wifi and linked to my Amazon account I have to say she’s become a welcome houseguest. From productive time-savers to fun diversions, here are lots of cool things you can do with the...

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A friendship bracelet maker that brings them back with a really cool, high-tech twist.

I grew up in the 80s, so friendship bracelets were always layered up my wrists by the dozens, usually made at sleepovers while we gossiped about boys. While I’m happy to let a my formerly 80’s essentials go (I’m looking at you, Aqua Net), this is one tradition I’m excited to pass on to my kids. Only now friendship bracelets have a really intriguing high-tech twist, thanks to i-loom. This toy lets you build your bracelet designs with a companion app, and then gives you the step-by-step instructions to make it. Ihave to admit, there’s part of me that’s geeky excited about this. I never learned...

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The gorgeous SoundBlaster Roar 2 speaker proves that bigger isn’t always better

This nice fall weather is making me want to take our entertaining outside, so the kids can run around and play while the parents can sit on the porch with a mug of hot cider (or something stronger) and chat. But since it’s kind of sad to have the background music faintly drifting in from across the house — or worse, playing on our cell phones — it feels like the new must-have tech gadget in any home these days is some kind of portable Bluetooth speaker. Lately I’ve been using the SoundBlaster Roar 2 which offers  huge sound, despite its small, portable size. Party saved. The SoundBlaster Roar 2...

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The Sound Cover speaker boosts your iPad volume by 400%. We’ll let you decide if that’s a good thing.

We’ve gotten to the point where my kids watch most of their shows and movies on our iPad. The sound is fine when just one of them is using it at a time, but when they’re trying to share it — which is a feat in and of itself — the sound can be tricky. So I’ve been excited to try out the very cool iPad Sound Cover by Onanoff. This hard case for your iPad Air claims to boost the sound so loud that you’ll be able to hear it across the house. We’ll let you decide for yourself whether that’s a pro or a con....

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Cool night lights for kids: Because anything to help them sleep better, right?

If your house is anything like mine, then a night light is as much of a bedtime essential as your kid’s blankie and cup of water. So, I’m not sure why purchasing one has always been an afterthought for me! Well, now that I’m settling into my new home, I’m making it a priority, which I why I was thrilled to stumble upon these cool night lights for kids at Land of Nod.   Related: The popular Cloud B night light embraces the octopus and the fox. No narwhals just yet.    I love that they’re vastly different than the traditional plug-in-the-wall night...

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