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Web Coolness: Social media icon Easter eggs, the Facebook color updates, and kids and social media. Ahhhhh!

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.   Social media icon Easter eggs! The horrifying amount of time people will spend on social media over their lifetime. Important new study about toddler screen time and sleep, parents. Tamagotchi are coming back! Using email as your baby book? Very 2017.   Aw, man. Nintendo is ditching the NES Classic. Womp, womp. How to use those color updates that are rolling out all over Facebook. Here’s how GirlsWhoCode is using kids’ robots to teach girls of...

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These DIY galaxy Easter eggs are out of this world.

My kids love decorating Easter eggs, but now that they’re hitting their tweens they’re getting a little more creative. That’s why I can’t wait to try these DIY galaxy Easter eggs at Dream a Little Bigger. And, based on the tutorial, they look like they’re not nearly as hard to make as you’d think. Related: Martha Stewart’s Easter egg app gives you the perfect recipe to dye eggs. Related: OMG: Unicorn Easter eggs. Allison’s step-by-step tutorial makes these space eggs easy enough for anyone to make. And she’s got great tips about the supplies you can buy to make it so much easier, and how...

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Social media icon Easter eggs. Because, why not?

If you’re going to Instagram your Easter eggs today, why not try Instagramming a Pinterest-ready Easter egg with a Twitter icon, then save it on Flickr? Or something. Well, you can do that if you’re crafty enough to emulate these amazing social media Easter eggs created by Nataly Birch on Deviant Art. Or if the idea of actually making them IRL is a big no, you can download them for free and feature them as dock icons or turn them into share buttons for your blog or website. Or, just share them on Instagram. With credit, of course. That’s Easter, 2016-style. Find the...

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Web Coolness: Minecraft Easter eggs, Periscope, and big Facebook changes. Again.

Here are a few tech links we’ve enjoyed this week. We hope you like them too!    Easter is just over a week away. Who’s making these Minecraft Easter eggs? We love all the new iPhone 6 ads featuring actual user photos, but these parody Apple ads are cracking us up. So clever. Here’s a helpful round-up of all the new Facebook changes coming our way soon. First Meerkat, now Periscope. Here’s the buzz about these new livestreaming apps and why you should know about them. Helpful tips for managing kids’ screen time that actually work. Just for fun: A...

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The best eggs of the Big Egg Hunt NY: Easter meets art meets social media meets social good

For the past few weeks, New York City has been awash in giant Easter eggs, in a brilliant (if a little time-consuming for me) social-media-meets-installation-art campaign for Fabergé called The Big Egg Hunt. It brought eager New Yorkers and tourists alike scavenging the city, Eggi app uploaded to cell phones, to track down, photograph and share eggs designed by the likes of Julian Schnabel, William Wegman, Carolina Herrera, Jeff Koons, and Ralph Lauren. Check out #thebigegghunt on Instagram and see the amazing range of eggs in all five boroughs. (Yes, even Staten Island!) Some of the photographers are hoping to win the...

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How to dye Easter eggs? Martha Stewart Easter egg app to the rescue.

I’ve seen all sorts of tutorials on how to dye Easter eggs and I’ll be honest, I’ve never really mastered the art myself. But now thanks to the Martha Stewart Easter Egg app, I’m an expert dyer. Is that what they’re called? I’m a big fan of the Martha Stewart food apps, so it’s not really a surprise how impressed I am with her Easter egg app, which is just as comprehensive and easy to follow as the others I own. However instead of recipes, this app is dedicated to tons of cool tips, tricks, even videos, for making...

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5 of our favorite Pinterest pins this week

It’s no surprise that we’re obsessed with Pinterest. Come join us, and check out these five favorite pins from this week. 1. Easter eggs go geeky. You have to make these for Sunday! 2. One of our most favorite travel gadgets ever. Don’t head out for spring break without it. 3. These bold colorful iPhone cases are perfect for spring. 4. Don’t forget those cord nests during your spring cleaning frenzy. These handy gadgets are lifesavers! 5. Why would you decorate Easter eggs when you can get a robot that does it for...

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Robotics + Easter Egg Decorating = What will they think of next?

When we discovered the EggBot, we were like uh, wow. (Actual quote.) You have to be pretty into Easter Egg decorating to invest in that thing. But, I admit sheepishly, it’s been on my brain all this time. And hey! Now there’s a deluxe version which…ooh.       The Eggbot Deluxe is a little bit of frivolous technological genius. It’s like the best of robotics, meets a 3-D printer, meets ready-for-Pinterest holiday crafts gone mad. And now with more tightness and accuracy. You control it from the Inkscape illustration program on your computer, which lets you draw your...

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Web Coolness: Geeky Easter eggs, Minecraft 101, Google’s big leak, and LEGO Star Trek

Here are a few links we’ve enjoyed reading this week. We hope you like them too! Forget about pastels. How about decorating your Easter eggs with a geek theme this year? Parents of teens and tweens should read this article on the many ways kids are connecting to technology. Not just about Facebook anymore. Imagine this telling you to get off your butt and exercise! It may be in the near future. Looks like Google’s top-secret new service may not be so secret anymore. Get the scoop on the big leak! This LEGO version of a highly anticipated movie...

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