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This app lets you check out library books on your tablet. Free. From home. Yes!

I love the feeling of being surrounded by stacks and stacks of actual old-fashioned books at my local library. But, I also love that they’re embracing all the amazing new technology that has huge benefits for busy parents like me, who are still emphatic that our kids read as much as possible. That’s where the new hoopla digital app comes in. Let’s just say, life for readers is about to get soooo much easier. With the hoopla app, you can access your local library’s entire collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and even music, movies and television shows to download or stream right...

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The free Lab4U apps are like having a science lab right in your smart phone

For those of you with budding scientists at home, the Lab4U app collection lets kids conduct real science experiments with just their phone. No WIFI required! The collection currently features two apps, Lab4Physics app and Lab4Chemistry, both of which use the sensors on your phone (in the camera, speakers, and other hardware) to measure variables like speed, velocity, sound waves, gravity or even to calculate the concentrations of chemical solutions. To be clear, these apps aren’t educational games. They actually transform your smartphone into the scientific instruments needed to perform real experiments, with step-by-step instructions on how to complete them. Once you record your data and the results...

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Merriam-Webster’s informative (and sometimes snarky) free dictionary app

We’re getting a good laugh out of the Merriam-Webster Twitter account, and don’t we all need a good laugh, lately? If you’re not following them, you should. Also, may we suggest downloading the free Merriam-Webster dictionary app? Sure, it’s the most respected source for definitions, pronunciations, and spellings in the English language, but it also has a great (albeit, subtle) sense of humor. Or, a great jocoseness, if you will. Related: Grammar rules, even in your kitchen! Related: Grammar police: Your mugs are here! The app has a full dictionary and thesaurus with audio pronunciations, which is a great resource for checking your spelling...

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Sprite Box: Code Hour is our cool free app of the week.

We love finding cool toys and apps that do a great job teaching our kids the basics of coding, since it’s a language we expect they’ll want (and need) to know when they’re adults. When they’ve got great design and fun play through too, it’s even better. The updated Sprite Box: Code Hour app (iOS and Android) has all that, plus it’s totally free. Related: 5 cool TV shows for kids that are all about STEM Related: A cool way to teach kids how to code Sprite Box, which is a new app from the makers of one of our favorite math apps Lightbot, teaches the...

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BBC Earth: Attenborough Story of Life app | Our cool free app of the week

If you’re a fan of the BBC Earth documentaries, you’re going to love the BBC Earth: Attenborough’s Story of Life app, which i has over 1,000 of the greatest wildlife moments filmed by BBC documentary crews on shows like Planet Earth, Blue Planet and The Life of Mammals that have been narrated British actor Sir David Attenborough. Brilliant, by jove.   Related: The best free educational apps for kids of all ages Related: A fantastic educational YouTube channel your kids will love   You can search by species (mammals, fish, plants…), behavior (playing, hunting, resting…), or habitat (desert, grassland, mountain…) to find exactly...

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How to explain the the U.S. election to kids

We’re always thankful for resources that help make sense of tricky topics for our kids, like today’s election. Even if you really paid attention in history, the Electoral College can be confusing. So, if you’re looking for ways to explain the U.S. election to your kids today, check these out. Related: Election Day 2016 – Everything you need to know This Ted Ed video about the Electoral College is from the 2012 election, but all the information still applies. With simple language and fun graphics, kids will be entertained while they’re learning why states like Texas, California, and New York...

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Web Coolness: Election Party invitations go digital, David Bowie emojis, and Napflix

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them too!   6 cool digital election party invitations. David Bowie emojis are coming! Wishing you had a one-handed keyboard for your iPhone? Here’s how to make it happen. Here’s the scoop on the new Microsoft Teams. Should Slack be worried? Got insomnia? You might need Napflix. (Hilarious).   A wearable that might help you keep your kids safer. 5 cool STEM TV shows for kids. If you ever feel like your spelling ability is subpar, watch this. (Make sure the sound is on)...

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Amazon Rapids: A new chat-style app that might just get your kids reading more

We love finding new, interesting ways to grow passionate readers, so that’s why when we discovered Amazon Rapids, a new reading app that just launched today, we were very intrigued. Because unlike other reading apps for kids you’ve seen (and we’ve featured here on Cool Mom Tech), Rapids features short stories in a chat-style. Hello, 2016. It’s definitely a meet-kids-where-they-are approach to reading, and while admittedly it makes me a little dizzy trying to follow along, I have no doubt that my kids, and maybe yours, will love it. Related: 12 of the best reading apps for kids of all...

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Duolingo app: Our cool free app of the week

If you’re looking for a fun way to expose kids to new languages, we’ve been very impressed with quality of foreign language training you get with the free Duolingo app. You can choose from dozens of foreign languages, including common ones our kids learn like Spanish, French and German, and more some that aren’t part of most school curricula, like Irish, Hebrew, even Turkish. Then, using a variety of techniques, like flash cards, spoken sections, vocal practice (using your phone’s microphone), and spelling practice, your kids will begin learning the basics. Of course, the little badges and medals you earn as you go are fun motivators too.  ...

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