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Sponsored Message: An educational gaming system from VTech that turns screen time into learning time

This is a sponsored message from VTech Today’s preschoolers are a far more digitally connected and savvy group than we ever were, and now a new system from VTech is channeling that screen time interest and transforming it into an opportunity for learning. The InnoTV is an educational, TV-connected gaming system that brings tech and education together in a whole new way, for kids 3 to 8. – Don’t miss an exclusive giveaway for our readers below –  The affordable system comes with a wireless controller and four age-appropriate single-player games, all developed with the help of educators to align with Common Core standard in language arts,...

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What are the best typing websites for kids to learn to type online? Reader Q+A

Hi Cool Mom Tech, any suggestions for fun kid-friendly typing apps or websites? – Tiffiny via Twitter How perfect–I’ve just been looking for typing websites myself, to get my own kids to learn how to type online. Especially after the pain of watching her spend a good hour hunting and pecking to complete two sentences for a third grade presentation. As a fast (sometimes) touch-typist myself, I’m a huge advocate of learning proper typing technique and especially in today’s digital world, I think it’s become a new essential skill. Related: Free educational apps for preschoolers from Khan Academy. Yay! Certainly there are plenty of mobile...

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Crayola goes high tech with ColorStudio HD

One of my kids’ favorite things to do with the iPad is draw. Actually, one of their favorite things to do anywhere is draw. So I am always looking for fun coloring apps that can keep the artistry flowing, and that I find easier to justify than video games. And now, Crayola (of course) has seriously upped the ante on iPad drawing apps, in an excellent partnership with Griffin. The Crayola ColorStudio HD turns the iPad into a 3-D, animated art studio, which is such a fun idea for travel, or when pulling out a palate of markers might...

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Leapfrog Tag Maps help kids make sense of a great big world

There’s a lot going on in the world these days. Kids are hearing rumblings about so many countries, many of which are new to them. Depending on their ages, there are some good tools to help initiate conversations about friends and foes overseas, like the clever Leapfrog Tag Maps. If you’ve got kids from preschool until about third or fourth grade, the Leapfrog Tag World Map is a wonderful place to start. Kids get a taste of geography, foreign languages, and map skills in general, all in a really engaging, interactive way. You’ve got to invest in the Leapfrog...

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WordQ makes writing easier

As a writer, there are several tools I have at my disposal to create good content–my computer, my AP Style Guide, and my Roget’s Thesaurus. When I recently came across a software solution aimed at helping writers create more eloquent copy, I thought I’d take a second look. Especially after learning how it can help kids with disabilities too. WordQ acts as a virtual editor by reading what you write aloud and offering suggestions for alternate words that may sound out of place. While writing this post, I typed, “As I was resting the software, I found that…” and...

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Smart Starterz – Language learning in the womb. Yes, the womb.

Having never learned a foreign language myself, I’m determined to make sure my kids are fluent in something other than “whine.” Too bad that doesn’t count towards college credit. So in my search for cool language programs for kids, I was thrilled to discover upon an amazing app-based system that I wish I had discovered sooner–back to before they were born, in fact. Created by a German developmental psychologist, Smart Starterz uses something called fetal-immersion technology to teach your unborn baby foreign language basics. Sounds crazy, right? It has to do with soundwaves that penetrate the still developing Temporal...

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3 reasons why I love my iPad

When I brought home the first generation iPad, I admit that I actually knew very little about its capabilities. But as a co-founder of a tech site being bombarded day after day with new iPad apps, I knew that I needed to take the plunge for work’s sake. (Ahem.) Since owning for about six months now, I can honestly say that it’s become a regular part of my family’s daily existence, as much as our television and my laptop. If you’re where I was last fall, wondering whether an iPad is right for your family, here are 3 reasons...

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Readeez, now for your mobile viewing pleasure

If you’re not familiar with Readeez, and you have a child who’s starting to read, then you’re in for a treat. This series of adorably-designed videos are paired with songs, poems and written words to help kids associate letters with their accompanying sounds. And we’re so excited to learn that they’re now going mobile, just in time for that long trip bag home from the grandparents’ this holiday.  Readeez creator Michael Rachap, has brought the same lively world for the young reader that serves to both entertain and educate onto a mobile platform. Through the magic of technology, you...

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With a corncob pipe and a button nose and two eyes made out of LED-backlit pixels

If you woke up to snowmageddon this morning like we did (or more like a typical winter snowfall with a new 24 hour news cycle-friendly, alarmist name), your kids are probably begging you to get out there with them as soon as humanly possible. If they haven’t already. After the real snowman building is done, hands are warming around mugs of hot chocolate, you can now bring your littlest kids inside for some virtual snowman-building on an iPhone or iPad app. Similar in structure to favorites like Cupcakes!, kids can create their own snowmen on the Starfall Snowman app...

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3 tips for new iPad owners of the parent variety

A couple of weeks ago, I took the plunge and purchased an iPad. I’m far from what I would call a gadget geek, but given my husband’s traveling schedule and my new job as “homeschool educator,” I figured that it would come in handy for our family. And since finally getting it set up last week, I can assure you that it’s already been worth the big jump in my phone bill. As a busy mom of four, I wanted to pass along a few quick tips especially keeping newbie iPad parents in mind. 1. Holy Fingerprints, Batman! It...

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