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The new Girl Scout STEM badges: Engineering, computer science, and robotics, oh my!

When I was a drop-out Brownie some 30-ahem years ago, my troop worked on badges like Basketry and Arts & Crafts. But now I’m kind of wishing I could go back and do it all over again because this fall, the Girl Scout organization has announced a new collection of badges for girls of all ages, all focusing on STEM. From long-term curricula that focuses on engineering, computer science, and the outdoors, to smaller-level badges that introduce robotics and mechanical engineering to girls as young as kindergarten, these are the real deal. Seriously, Girl Scouts has come a long...

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3 new breastfeeding apps that could make nursing a whole lot easier for new moms.

Just because breastfeeding is a natural process, it isn’t necessarily all blissed out bonding time. But luckily, we live in a time where there are tons of tech to help nursing moms, like these 3 new breastfeeding apps that caught our attention. Related: Doctor on Demand app: A smart way to get help with breastfeeding issues and more.   Mamava Think of the Mamava app like Waze, except instead of crowdsourcing info to help you navigate around a gnarly traffic jam, it uses data to help you navigate the world as a nursing mom. Mamava registers the location of...

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Calling all STEM lovers: Here’s how to get free storytelling lessons for kids from Khan Academy and Pixar.

Well this is cool, parents! Khan Academy is partnering with Disney and Pixar to offer free online classes in storytelling for kids of all ages to show them how STEM helps make movies. The initiative is called Pixar in a Box, and we’re pretty sure it’s going to get kids thinking outside the box. Or Inside Out of the box? Heh. The videos walk you through the Pixar studios while actual Pixar employees talk about how ideas become art become movies. We meet the real people behind our favorite stories and learn where Pixar had challenges–which is great for my kids to see, because...

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3 of our favorite meditation apps to help you keep your chill

If your stress hormones have spiking lately, here are 3 meditation apps we’ve personally tried that can really help you reclaim your thoughts and cultivate a sense of calm and well-being. Because doesn’t that sound great right now? Stop, Breathe & Think Related: 8 ways to make your iPhone less distracting Our editor Kristen recommended this one on a Today show segment about the best apps for keeping your New Year’s resolutions, and I can totally see why. Stop, Breathe & Think begins with a very brief check-in, asking you how you’re feeling physically and emotionally. Based on your answers,...

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Sprite Box: Code Hour is our cool free app of the week.

We love finding cool toys and apps that do a great job teaching our kids the basics of coding, since it’s a language we expect they’ll want (and need) to know when they’re adults. When they’ve got great design and fun play through too, it’s even better. The updated Sprite Box: Code Hour app (iOS and Android) has all that, plus it’s totally free. Related: 5 cool TV shows for kids that are all about STEM Related: A cool way to teach kids how to code Sprite Box, which is a new app from the makers of one of our favorite math apps Lightbot, teaches the...

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Google Trips app: Our cool free app of the week

My family will be taking a trip to Seoul, South Korea, in the next couple months, and I’m a little overwhelmed trying to plan our itinerary. Pinterest is somewhat helpful, but there’s a lot of link bait to wade through. That’s why I was so pleased to discover Google Trips app. Google Trips is a dashboard for all your trip info, with everything from your flight and hotel reservations, to that awesome restaurant your friend said you had to try. It’s all available offline too, so if you land in the city and don’t have WiFi, you can still get your hotel info for...

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15 of the best science apps for preschoolers through teens: Back-to-School tech guide

We parents know that science is everywhere and why it’s so important. So we always love tracking down some of the best science apps for kids each year, to show kids how fun science can be, and how it’s a part of pretty much everything they already do and see. The focus on STEM in the past few years has given rise to incredible products and apps for kids to explore science from a very young age. But it’s likely that our pick’s for this year’s best science apps for kids will answer many of them, and provoke many more, too. We’re betting a lot of parents...

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KonMari App: Our cool free app of the week

With three kids, one dog, and enough stuff to fill a suburban house, I quickly became a convert to the KonMari method of organization, or “tidying” as founder Marie Kondo puts it. Her simple and direct way of weeding through all the stuff we have accumulated over the years has revolutionized the way I, and many others, keep our homes in order. And now that the long awaited KonMari app has arrived, I had to see if it is as amazing as her first book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing was for me. Related: The...

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Prisma app: Our cool free app of the week

Beyond cropping out background noise or scrolling through a few Instagram filters, I don’t usually spend a ton of time messing around with my photos. But after downloading the new and free Prisma app for iOS this week, I’ve discovered how fun and easy it is to turn pictures into little works of art. Edited to add: Prisma is now available on Android too! After selecting the photo I want to use from the ones sitting on my phone, I can scroll through over 30 different overlays to see how each one looks when applied to my snapshot. It only takes only...

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