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Can these board books tech babies rocket science?

Most baby board books aren’t, you know, rocket science. The ones I read to my four month old pretty much stick with friendly talking animals and geometric shapes, so I was a little surprised to discover the Baby University board books collection, which was designed to introduce the youngest kids to STEM concepts. Just the basic stuff though, you know? Like Newtonian physics, general relativity, quantum entanglement, and rocket science. Of course. My first thought when I saw titles like Rocket Science for Babies or Quantum Physics for Babies was, slow your roll there, Science. My kid is still figuring out...

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Turn any water bottle into a smart water bottle with Ulla

Recently we’ve seen a lot of smart hydration tech options come onto the market lately. A few months ago, I tried out the Hidrate Spark smart water bottle, and I liked the way it subtly reminded me to take a sip of H2O and tracked my progress in its app. So, I was very curious about the new, much-less expensive Ulla intelligent hydration reminder which I purchased to test out. Unlike smart water bottles that have a tracking device built into them, the Ulla is simply a silicone band with a clip-on tracker that you can attach to any water bottle. Whenever 40 minutes goes by without you taking a drink, the...

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9 cool Instagram photo gifts for the Instagram-loving mom. Isn’t that all of us?

As a new mom, I’d adore a Mother’s Day gift that takes my favorite Instagram shots and transforms them into an awesome keepsake so that I don’t have to. After all, I can hardly find time to back up the several billion pictures I’ve taken of my 2-month-old, much less arrange them into a baby book. Which is why I’ve rounded up the some of the coolest Mother’s Day photo gifts that’ll preserve Instagram shots long after a mom or grandma has forgotten whether she prefers Juno or Slumber. Just be sure to double check shipping dates — or package that IOU in a beautifully handwritten card. CMP...

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Let kids choose their own STEM adventure with the Electric Motors Catalyst box.

If you’re a regular Cool Mom Tech reader, then you know we love STEM-oriented toys for children, especially if they’re so fun and challenging that kids don’t notice they’re educational, like the new Electric Motors Catalyst box. Unlike some of the kits and subscription boxes I’ve seen, this box doesn’t come with an instruction booklet. Just 10 challenge cards asking kids to make “a device that can scramble an egg” or a gadget that can “draw a curvy line.” How they accomplish these goals is totally up to them. Cool, right? Related: Meet STEM Club: The new STEM gift subscription for kids from Amazon.  The...

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Moonlite, the magical device that projects bedtime stories right onto your ceiling.

As much as I love tech that makes my life simpler, easier, and cheaper, sometimes I find a device that just makes life a little more magical. And that’s how I feel about Moonlite, a little gadget gives a modern edge to storytelling. This mini projector use the flash from your phone to project illustrations onto the ceiling, all with a story you can read along from the app. You can even choose optional sound effects for each slide, in case you’re feeling too tired to imitate a clap of thunder or calling bird by the time bedtime rolls around. Related:...

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How a smart water bottle has really helped me drink more water. And that’s a good thing.

When we first heard about Bluetooth-enabled water bottles last year, we were a little skeptical here at Cool Mom Tech. I mean, how hard is it to just drink a glass of water, right? But when Hidrate Spark sent me one of their smart water bottles to try, I thought, why not? If nothing else, it’s a nice water bottle. So, I gave it a try for a solid week and I have to say that I’m sold. Also, peeing a lot.   Related: The coolest new wearable fitness trackers of 2016 Related: 3 free fitness apps for the not-so-fit....

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15 custom photo gifts to make your friends and family swoon | 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

We love finding cool custom photo gift, because hello, we’re moms! We’re sentimental like that. But also, they make great gifts because they demonstrate that some real thought and love went into creating it, even if it doesn’t cost a fortune. Next up in our 2016 Holiday Tech Gift Guide series, we’ve got 17 really creative, cool ideas for personalized photo gifts. Just order soon! Personalized gifts do take a little longer than others. And hey, as great as it is to put your kids all over everything, open your mind beyond family photos. Think about a great photo of your home or neighborhood, favorite travel...

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Cubetto: A robot that teaches kids to code, even before they can read. No screens required.

You know how much we love to find a cool, innovative STEM toys for kids at Cool Mom Tech. Well, we think the brand new Cubetto robot by Primo Toys definitely belongs on wish lists this holiday season, especially if you’re shopping for preschoolers. Get this: Your young kids can learn programming with Cubetto before they even learn to read. How cool is that? Cubetto is a boxy wooden robot on wheels with a cute little smile. By using the coding blocks on the control board, kids direct Cubetto’s movements forward, right or left. Of course, these are very basic coding principles, but learning them early will let...

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Elmo want to take your kid’s temperature with this new smart thermometer!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mom who’s had a toddler run away and hide when I need to take their temperature. The struggle is real. That’s why I’m loving the new Elmo smart thermometer from Kinsa. Unlike the original Kinsa smart thermometer, which is an under-the-tongue thermometer that actually plugs into your smart phone, this is a Bluetooth ear thermometer, making it so much easier to use with kids. Plus, Elmo! Related: LiveHealth Online app – Get a doctor visit right on your mobile device What we love about the Kinsa smart thermometers is that they let you track your family’s health data in personal profiles right in their Kinsa...

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