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iPhone trick: How to use Text Replacement to make your texting life a whole lot easier.

You’ve probably seen the stories about how kids have pranked their parents using the Text Replacement feature on the iPhone. You know, they set it so that when their parents text the word “No,” it gets replaced with the word “Yes.” Oh kids these days. As it turns out, this handy feature is so smart for parents, because it can actually help you text more quickly when you need to send a reply and you’re juggling 400 other things. Sound familiar? Related: 3 iPhone tricks for when you’re too busy to take that call Here’s how to set up...

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Solid as a rock.

I’ve been in the mood for a new iPhone case, which is how I discovered these fun geode cases at Society 6. While they’re not real geodes (I know, stating the obvious here), they really do look like the real thing. Such a bright, colorful way to keep your iPhone safe, all summer long, and right now, they’re 20% off plus free shipping. Whoo! Here are just a few of my favorites from the artist TheQuarry. You can also search around the site for other geode cases from other designers. Related: Over 30 of the coolest iPhone cases for every...

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Web Coolness: The annoying Instagram algorithm, how to listen to podcasts, and lots more.

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. Cool Mom Tech is a reward style affiliate.   These portable park iPhone cases from Japan are cracking us up! Father’s Day, anyone? You’re not the only one annoyed by the Instagram algorithm. Someone used FaceApp on museum paintings and it’s awesome. A simple way to block calls and texts on your iPhone. Here’s how to find and listen to podcasts on your iPhone. Including our own podcast, Spawned!     What should you do with all...

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Do you know these 3 handy iPhone email tricks?

We’re not huge fans of sending emails on the fly, even with the “Sent from our iPhone and talk-to-text hates us” warning at the bottom. But if we do, there are 3 handy iPhone email tricks we use to make them look as buttoned up as they when we’re sitting at our laptop, well other than deleting that tag line at the end. Related: 2 quick iPhone tricks for sharing texts and voice mails 1. How to insert a photo into iPhone email You don’t have to email someone from a photo. You can insert photos and videos very easily...

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The one awesome iPhone feature you might not be using. But should!

Back when iOS 10 hit and the iPhone 7 launched, we mentioned the Favorites widget which you will find on your iPhone when you swipe right from your home page or locked screen. Found it yet? Okay, good. Turns out, it’s one of our most favorite iPhone features, because you can customize it with everything you need to get to quickly on your iPhone. If you haven’t been using it yet, or didn’t realize you could actually customize it, here’s how. Related: 3 smart iPhone tricks for when you’re too busy to answer a call How to customize your iPhone Favorites...

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5 fabulous Valentine’s Day tech accessories you can get at Nordstrom. Drool.

I’ve been a big Nordstrom fan for years, and not just because I have a little shoe addiction. Their customer service is unrivaled, like the time they sent someone to my home to take off a security tag an associate had forgotten to take off. Nope, I’m not kidding. What you might not know is that they have killer tech accessories, from tech wristlets to iPhone cases, even battery chargers that you won’t believe are battery chargers. Here, 5 fabulous Valentine’s Day tech accessories you can get at Nordstrom right now (though really, hearts are fun all year long). Good luck...

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All that glitters… is glitter!

These days, you can make as much of a fashion statement with your iPhone as you can with your clothes and accessories. Case in point: these new Liquid Glitter iPhone cases at Casetify, which are a special Valentine’s Day treat for the tech lover in your life. Let me answer your first question before you even ask it and tell you that these are actually double layer cases, so you’ve got one layer between your iPhone 7 and the liquid glitter. I’m digging the unicorn pastels myself, but they’ve got a few other color choices to pick from. Related:...

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Emergency iPhone tip: How to add additional fingerprints to your Touch ID

You’re probably familiar with the emergency call feature on the iPhone, which you might have seen if you temporarily forgot your passcode or had a child attempt to do it incorrectly multiple times. But you might not know that you can add additional fingerprints to your Touch ID, adding another level of emergency coverage just in case. Whether you want to add a child, a partner or spouse, or just another one of your own fingers (hey, you never know), here’s how. Related: How to turn off your iPhone location settings and why you should How to add additional fingerprints to...

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10 stylish holiday tech gifts for the fashionista | Holiday Tech Guide 2016

Our tech holiday gift guide continues, this time with stylish holiday tech gifts. Whether she just loves her smart phone, or considers herself a tech geek with style, we’ve rounded up 10 of the coolest gifts that we bet she’d love to have under the tree come next week. Don’t miss our big CMT Holiday Gift Guide giveaway! Details below. Spoiler alert: You can win an iPad.  CMT is an rstyle and amazon affiliate.  Kate Spade Tracker We’ve had our eye on these Kate Spade fitness trackers since they launched, and can you blame us? They track your activity level,...

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iPhone trick: Turn any book into an audio book with a simple swipe

Here’s a cool trick that you can use on your iPhone to turn any book into an audio book, with a simple swipe using the handy Speak Screen feature. To enable Speak Screen, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speech > Speak Screen and make sure it’s turned on. Then, scroll down a bit further to Voices, and choose which voice you’d like to use, whether it’s an English speaker, or another language. Unfortunately, there is no Ryan Reynolds. However, there is Daniel, and he has a lovely British accent (though still sounds a bit computer generated). Related: 2...

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