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Web Coolness: Super Mario cosmetics, a hoverboard recall, the first all-electric SUV and more

Here are some of our favorite tech links from around the web. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did. A great gift for your favorite gamer: Super Mario cosmetics! A young accidental paleontologist makes an important discovery. How to use our favorite kitchen gadgets to help keep the oven off during those hot days. Google Maps now tracks pollution. We wish this app were not necessary. This restaurant is lending diners equipment to better photograph their meals. Star Wars Monopoly adds Rey. Finally! This animal rights activist created a game in hopes of triggering real-life change....

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The best solar eclipse glasses for your family, in every price range. Because you like your retinas.

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re geeking out over the total solar eclipse that’s coming on August 21. Where you live will determine what you see, but here in Nashville, viewing will be at a premium with almost 3 minutes of darkness in the middle of the day. So, I’ve been checking into which solar eclipse glasses are right for my family. Because we like our retinas. Ha. So, we found some great solar eclipse glasses in every price range, so you can watch safely with your kids too. CMT is an rstyle affiliate Related: 5 expert tips for...

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9 creative kid portrait ideas that make genius Father’s Day gifts. Just add a frame!

If you missed the boat on photo gifts for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day…no, wait! You didn’t! We all live in the land of the smartphone cam, after all, and if you’ve got a camera  — especially that dandy iPhone 7S — and a place to print a photo, you’ve got what it takes for a creative kid portrait idea, that makes a wonderful surprise Father’s Day gift. Well, you’ll need the kids too, of course. Here are just a few creative kid portrait ideas for Father’s Day that we’ve seen found from incredibly talented parents around the web that...

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Csnaps lets you take a selfie with a celebrity for charity. (Also: Look! Richie Sambora!)

Do you remember The Mother of All Celebrity Selfies? You know, the one Ellen DeGeneres took at the 2014 Academy Awards surrounded by A-list nominees? Well, Richie Sambora remembers it too, especially that the photo ran all over social media for free (reports say it could have garnered $1 billion in revenue). And so he thought, what if that money had gone to charity? So the rocker became a techpreneur, co-founded Csnaps, a free celebrity selfie app that raises money for meaningful causes when fans take pictures with stars. Related: Cases and flashes that make your selfies even prettier.   Related: 8 smart tips for taking selfies with other people....

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A free photo effects app that turns ordinary shots into works of art

As someone who is definitely not a pro photographer, I’m all about the photo apps that help make my snapshots…let’s say, a little more artful. That’s why the Prisma photo effects app (iOS and yes, Android) is my latest photo filter app obsession, and if you’re not yet in the fast-growing Prisma fan club, well, join us! If you’re kind of over crema, juno and inkwell, there are more than 60 filters on Prisma that can turn even an admittedly average, poorly lit photo of my daughter, above, into something resembling a Mondrian, a Monet, a Münch or a Miyazaki. And a whole lot more....

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9 cool Instagram photo gifts for the Instagram-loving mom. Isn’t that all of us?

As a new mom, I’d adore a Mother’s Day gift that takes my favorite Instagram shots and transforms them into an awesome keepsake so that I don’t have to. After all, I can hardly find time to back up the several billion pictures I’ve taken of my 2-month-old, much less arrange them into a baby book. Which is why I’ve rounded up the some of the coolest Mother’s Day photo gifts that’ll preserve Instagram shots long after a mom or grandma has forgotten whether she prefers Juno or Slumber. Just be sure to double check shipping dates — or package that IOU in a beautifully handwritten card. CMP...

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How to take better Instagram photos of kids

So, you’ve seen all the cool photos that parents are sharing of their kids on Instagram and you’re wondering how to take better Instagram photos of kids. Well, you don’t need to be a pro-photog to snap fantastic photos of your own kids. You just need to know what tricks they use to get them. Related: Tips from a pro for taking better family vacation photos With the weather finally warming up, which for those of us camera-happy parents means lots of photos of our kids, we’ve got 6 smart tips to help you take better Instagram photos of kids....

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Give credit where credit is due: How to repost a photo on Instagram

We get lots of questions from readers about how to repost a photo on Instagram. While we know that you can simply take a screenshot of the image you wish to share, then upload to your own feed with a photo credit + tag or camera emoji + tag (adding #regram), we prefer to use regram apps to ensure that we’re giving the proper credit to the original source. You’ll find no shortage of regram apps, most of which we’ve tried ourselves, and well, let’s just say that they’re not all created equal. Here, 3 apps to help you...

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Pixlplay turns any smart phone into a cool camera for kids

If your kids are like mine, they’re obsessed with taking pictures, and well, your phone is a better camera option than your DSLR. Except, it’s still a pretty expensive piece of tech.  So, when I heard about the Kickstarter campaign for the new Pixlplay camera for kids, which lets kids play photographer while protecting your phone, I was excited to try it out for a few days. The Pixlplay camera for kids is basically a housing device for your phone that looks like a real kids’ camera. The shutter button connects to your smart phone via the audio jack, so all you have to do is open...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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