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Here’s what you need to know about the Apple HomePod aka Alexa by Apple.

Okay, okay so the new HomePod is not technically the Amazon Echo (aka Alexa), but well, it pretty much is, just shaped more like a marshmallow in Apple’s signature black and white. That’s not to say we’re all not going to want it when it hits shelves in December, but it’s a pretty late arrival considering Alexa, Dot, and Google Home (just to name a few) have been on the market for awhile now. And for the most part, people (including me) are pretty happy with them. Related: 27 cool things you can do with the Amazon Echo While...

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The Echo Look: Now you can ask Alexa if your butt looks good in those jeans

Well, well, Amazon’s Echo (aka Alexa) is now your own personal Anna Wintour thanks to the newly launched Echo Look. Think Alexa, now with eyeballs and a fashion sense. With this new gadget, you can actually take full-length photos of yourself (even video) so you can share on social media for friend-polling, or just ask their built-in Style Check service. They’ll actually give you a rating of which is better based on machine learning and tips from style experts, with their advice getting better as they get to know you. Cool. Also, freaky. Related: 27 cool things you can do...

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A fantastic deal on a smart plug. But hurry!

If you’ve wanted to give home automation a try but aren’t yet ready to make a huge investment, these awesome deals on the TP-Link Smart Plug ($18) and Mini Model ($25) might just be the perfect gateway. Both of these smart plugs work with Amazon Echo and Google Home, and gadgets plugged into the smart plugs can be controlled by your mobile devices through the Kasa app. Think lights, coffee maker, or your kid’s rain machine they always forget to turn off (or is that just in our house?), though at this price, you could take care of all three. Just...

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6 new baby monitors that do way more than just monitor | CES 2017

These days, the baby monitors available to parents are a huge departure from the scratchy audio monitors from the newborn days of yore (i.e. my first child). This year’s CES conference served as an exciting stage for the types of innovation in technology and design that we are seeing in this category. Many of the gadgets we’re sharing here are ones you might have seen before, but their 2017 updates make them seem like new machines. Between the higher resolution, increased functionality, built-in songs, and features like air quality checks, even voice recognition, let’s just say the future is here. Here are the...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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