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A website that could put an end to I’m Bored Syndrome.

My kids love writing and they love doing art, but sometimes they don’t know what to do with that blank sheet of paper or the empty Procreate screen. (That’s my manga-obsessed daughter’s digital illustration iPad app of choice, by the way.) Since anything suggested by Mom automatically sucks, I found ArtPrompts.org, a clever, very simple site that helps spark imagination. Click on categories like creature, (“warden of the wild”), character (“centaur picking flowers”), environment (“alchemist’s lab”), object (“a delicious looking bowl of steaming ramen”), then go to town on the results. My own favorite category is situation which yields imaginative,...

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4 ways to use tech to keep your family mosquito free this summer.

Summer is here, and that means a whole lot of bugs, and ways to try to prevent my kids from getting bitten by bugs. Thankfully, there are smart ways to use tech to help keep those mosquitos at bay, at least around your home, or when you’re on the road, you camping types. Related: The best bug sprays for Zika virus protection First up, the Stinger cordless mosquito lantern, which can kill up to 40% more bugs with its UV black light. And, when you don’t need to zap pesky critters, you can use it as a regular LED...

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The new Polaroid Snap Touch with LCD: Is this insta-digital hybrid camera worth it?

After spending some time playing around with the new Polaroid Snaptouch ($179.99 from our affiliate Amazon) that we were sent for review, I think it’s a fun little camera for a family — especially with road trips, summer camp, and more outdoor time ahead. That said, there are a few caveats I want to offer. It didn’t take too long for my 9 year old to figure out how to use the touch screen to take, save or trash a photo; then play around with digital effects like borders, type, and a few sticker options before printing. And showing off...

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5 waterproof cell phone cases for summer. Or parents. Because, kids.

I’m a big proponent of changing phone cases to match the season, so when summer rolls around, I always swap out my more stylish case for one that’s a little more utilitarian. With beach and pool visits a daily occurrence, that means a waterproof case. While you won’t necessarily get style points for these 5 waterproof cell phone cases, you will be the one with a dry phone that still works. Cool Mom Tech is an Amazon affiliate.  Related: 4 great waterproof Bluetooth speakers for summer LifeProof FRE LifeProof has always been my personal waterproof case go to. It’s durable and definitely waterproof (I...

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How to prevent sunburn? Meet Sunscreenr.

As vigilant as I am about applying (and reapplying) sunscreen on my kids and myself, it’s inevitable that I missed a spot — usually on myself — and I’m left with a sunburn patch. But this new gadget could totally change that, and help keep us all a whole lot safer in the sun. Related: The most common mistakes parents make when applying sunscreen on kids Sunscreenr is a small, handheld gadget that shows you where you’ve missed a spot when applying sunscreen, and where it’s worn off after you’ve been in the pool or ocean, or just sweating...

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Cakewalk: Our cool free app of the week

The kids have been out of school for a bit and chances are you’ve heard the “bored” word at least once. Or maybe you have a toddler who is ready for a new activity approximately every three-and-a-half minutes. Either way, check out the free Cakewalk app app which is like having a stack of quick ideas on hand to flip through when you need to come up with something to do, stat. Currently only for iOS (though Android is in the works), Cakewalk lets you tailor the ideas you see based on the ages of your kids, from babies all the way up...

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10 photo tips for fireworks: How to keep from coming home with 127 blurry blips in the sky

Fireworks are at the top of nearly everybody’s list of favorite Fourth of July memories, but capturing the magic in fireworks photos can be extremely tricky. So we scoured our favorite photography and tech resources for great photo tips for fireworks, so that the morning of July 5, you don’t find yourself scrolling through all those blurry photos, and saying, “well…it was cool in person…” We’re focusing here on smartphone and point-and-shoot tips, since there are so many specific technical tips for you DLSR fans. But whatever your camera of choice, be sure to check our resource guide at the bottom which offers lots of info on...

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The ultimate indoor/outdoor grill for people who thought they could never have one. Tech to the rescue!

  Of course tech innovations are making their way to the traditional BBQ now too, and if you don’t have the space for an outdoor grill, I’ve found a solution in the Kenyon SilKEN Grill which keeps your grilling game on all year round. This portable electric grill is less than two feet wide and weighs a little more than 20 lbs, making it perfect for any countertop or outdoor space, no matter how compact. It’s even perfect for that yacht of yours docked in the marina!  (Seriously, the company made an appearance at the Dubai International Boat Show earlier this year.) What’s...

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Web coolness: A texting umbrella, screen time tips from parents, Facebook changes its timeline. Again.

Here are some of the links we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.   An umbrella made for texting in the rain? Sure, why not. A warning about what you share on Facebook Messenger. Another Facebook timeline change — this one you might like. Parents share their own best tips for managing screen time. Need to manage your own screen time? Tips for putting away the tech and staying engaged. Virtual reality websites are coming from Google. Ooh, the Tory Burch for Fitbit wrap bracelet now hugely on sale. The first ever tech and...

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Ultimate Birthday Party Gift Guide

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