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6 things that happened when I banned screen time in my home for two months

If you’re like me, then you do your best to manage screen time using myriad methods. In our house, I’ve done The Marble Jar to read for screens, and pretty much everything in between. And still, there are tantrums and arguments when it’s time to get off them, and relentless begging to get back on them. So a few months ago I decided I was done playing referee and manager to all things screen time and so I just banned it. No small screens, except for texting their friends or family members (or checking hockey scores for my son),...

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The top-rated gaming headsets for teens in price ranges to suit every allowance

Forget Snapchat, Facebook, or even Instagram. Teens these days are often connecting with friends online by gaming together on their Xboxes and I find the key to good communication for them is a great gaming headset for teens. So my almost-teen son has spent a ton of time shopping and saving and shopping some more for the perfect, top-rated gaming headset — within his budget. (With summer here, I’m sure there will be a little more gaming time in our near future. I’m okay with that.) His main requirements: The headset has to be comfortable, the mic can’t lag, and...

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Tech trick: How to hide app purchases so your kids can’t download through Family Sharing.

I’m grateful to my daughter who (much to the chagrin of tweens and teens everywhere, I’m sure) tipped me off to a trick I wasn’t aware of: Kids can easily download new apps to their devices without your knowledge, if you have Apple Family Sharing in use. Now my kids do need my approval to download any new apps, because of the Ask to Buy feature I have enabled. And I love Apple Family Sharing, because it means I’m not paying three times when we all want to play Alto’s Adventure. (Don’t judge.) Related: A new study about kids’ online behavior might surprise...

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Instagram’s new Archive feature lets you hide photos, rather than delete them. Brilliant!

We’ve probably all had photos we’ve shared on social media that we would very happily forget, like say my lovely “before” shot I took when I was starting a workout regimen a few months after having a baby that now pops up every single time I Google my name. Well, Instagram has launched a new feature that can help those of us who’d love to hide photos we’ve posted that we don’t necessarily don’t want to delete. Related: Here’s what happened when this teen deleted all his social media accounts Their new Archive feature allows you to hide photos...

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New study about kids’ online behavior might surprise you, parents. And not in a good way.

A recent survey of more than 1600 U.K. kids revealed some fascinating results when it comes to kids’ online behavior, leading the UK’s National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) to make some pretty strong recommendations for parents. Remember that tech talk we’ve spoken about on a frequent basis here on Cool Mom Tech? They want parents to be having it with their kids every two weeks. But really, parents should be talking to their kids about their digital lives every single day. Related: 8 shocking statistics about kids’ online behavior that parents need to know...

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Harvard rescinds 10 offers to students posting offensive Facebook memes.

For those of you with teens applying to college, if you’re wondering whether college admissions officers check student social media accounts, the definitive answer is “yes.” This is clearly evidenced by this week’s incident in which Harvard rescinded offers made to ten students who posted offensive Facebook memes in a “Harvard Memes for Horny Bourgeois Teens” group chat. Now, Facebook meme groups are quite common among prospective and current students. In fact, according to The Princeton Review (with whom I’ve been doing some work with over the last few months), Facebook meme groups for college students can be a positive way...

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Worried about your tween or teen’s mental wellbeing? Avoid this popular app.

In a recent survey of 1500 young people aged 14-24, researchers discovered that Instagram was cited as the most damaging to a young person, followed closely by Snapchat, and then Facebook. In fact, YouTube was the only of the 5 networks (which included Twitter, as well), that was seen as positive. Yikes! Related: The deadly Blue Whale online suicide game targeting teens. Respondents noted that using Instagram (and Snapchat) increased their feelings of anxiety and inadequacy, which researchers speculate is due to the increased visual nature of both apps. Of course, these are two of the most popular apps for tweens...

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The deadly Blue Whale online suicide game targeting teens: Is it a hoax? What parents should know.

We all issued a collective gasp around here this week, reading about the online game called Blue Whale, A.K.A. The Suicide Game. And of course right away I was hoping it was a big hoax. When I checked out the details, I was kind of hoping it was some awful teen-focused version of Grand Theft Auto — but that would be a step up. In fact, it’s a more like a real life version of a Black Mirror episode. What is Blue Whale? Reportedly, teen users are asked to download the game, then perform a new task as instructed for 50 days....

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New research: snooping on teens doesn’t work. Oops.

If you think spying and snooping on your kids’ social media behavior will help keep them safer, a new study in the Journal of Adolescence actually suggests otherwise, this recent post on Well Family discusses. In a survey of 455 adolescents, researchers found that teens who believed their parents were snooping on them shared less information that teens who felt their parents were respecting their space and boundaries. Related: Internet safety tips for families you can start using right now And this supports previous research that suggests snooping behavior from parents can negatively affect the home environment for families with teens. So...

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