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Houseparty app: Free video chat with multiple friends at once. Great idea, or terrible one?

Thanks to FaceTime, my kids are able to chat face-to-face with our relatives and friends around the country — something this mom is really thankful for. But, at this point FaceTime videos are still just one-on-one. That’s where the fun and free Houseparty group video chat app (iOS and Android) comes in. It allows us to all get on and video chat together every once in a while. It’s like having a party, without the dirty house to clean up when they all leave. Whoo! That said, there are some concerns those of us parenting tweens and teens with their own phones have...

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Nucleus: A home intercom system that you can use, even if you’re not home.

We just instituted a new family rule at my house: No yelling for mom or dad from another room. Because, enough already. But, that being said, this rule probably needs to start with me. Our solution has been the Nucleus home intercom system, and I’m happy to report, waaaaay less yelling. The Nucleus devices can be placed throughout your home, then set up to connect via video or audio chat. So, along with calling them to dinner, I can use this to quickly check in on my kids while they’re having a sleepover in their room, or even to keep an eye on a baby who’s...

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Rounds app: A terrific Facetime alternative for Android users who want to talk to iPhone users.

I have a close-knit family. My sisters and I talk a lot any given week. The thing is, we all live in cities spread miles (and countries) apart, so we rely on social media, texting and, when time zones line up nicely, video chats. And with Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and so many other “let’s talk!” holidays coming up, it made me eager to try the Rounds app, a Facetime alternative that offers live video chat to both iOS and Android users. What’s more, you can share photos, make voice calls — even  play games and watch YouTube videos together. All for free. Did I mention unlimited...

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5 smart reasons you should be using Facetime Audio

I cannot tell you how many times I call a fellow iPhone user with FaceTime Audio and they’re all, What is this? followed by Wow, why don’t I ever use it?  It seems that a ton of people, at least in my wide circle of friends and family, are familiar with FaceTime Video but not with the audio feature, and I’ve learned you are totally missing out on all sorts of benefits if you’re not using it. Like the video feature, audio connects you to other iPhone users on Wi-Fi (or data, if you choose). To find the FaceTime Audio button on your iPhone or iPad, go...

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Helpouts by Google: Expert advice that goes beyond “I googled it and some guy said…”

You’d think that when baby #3 came along, parenting would be old hat. But…nope. Forgot everything. Rather than comb the Internet for hundreds of different solutions (and I use that term loosely) it’s nice to know that expert advice from a live person on all topics–including parenting–is available on your computer with Helpouts by Google. Helpouts by Google is a very cool service that provides one-on-one video consultation for practically anything you need advice on: Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Fitness & Nutrition, Fashion & Beauty. As for me, I have forgotten everything from When does baby roll over?  to When does baby start sleeping...

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The 11 best tech New Year’s resolutions worth keeping

Yes, we all make New Year’s Resolutions to eat better and work out more and blah blah blah. Cue the leftover cheesecake entering my mouth at 10AM on January 1. But if you’re online at all (hi there) I’ve put together a few tech resolutions you should definitely consider adding to your list. Best of all, I bet you can actually keep most of them. Don’t worry, we’re here to help!   hexadecimal new year’s calendar above via the now-defunct wallaroo Etsy shop   1. Manage Your Inbox If you just take a little time now to play with...

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Skype in the classroom – like penpals 2.0

This past week, I was excited to have a chance to Skype chat with a teacher in Maine about the amazing things she’s doing in her classroom thanks to technology.  If you take a look at the Skype Education page, you’ll be blown away by the number of teachers all over the world signing up and looking for classrooms to pair with on inspiring projects. And I imagine it can be great for homeschooling parents, tutors and maybe even an inspiration for parents too. The site functions like a match.com for classrooms. Browse around and you’ll find Yellowstone Park...

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Video chat hits Facebook with the Rounds app. (It was inevitable, right?)

The first time I used video chat, I remember it felt like I was stepping into the future. I recall marveling at seeing someone’s face in real-time on my computer and of course, waving furiously, which is a requisite for the first 10 seconds of any video call.   Now, the options for video calling are plentiful, meaning lots of you are already Skyping or ooVoo-ing experts. But for those just wanting to dip their toes into the waters or who don’t want to sign up for yet another service, you may want to check out a new Facebook...

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Reach out and (almost) touch someone with these videoconferencing options

If you’re like me and have relatives far, far away (can’t get much farther than Korea), the holidays are a great time to re-connect. Times have changed a great deal from when we used to call an operator to connect to Seoul and then could only speak through a barely audible, crackly connection. Now, through the magic of technology and videoconferencing, you can get as close as you possibly can to your loved ones thousands of miles away. Depending on what you’re looking for, either wanting to videoconference on a call-by-call basis or needing a more long-term solution, here...

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Skype WiFi? Finally, there’s an app for that.

You know that you’ve truly made it to A-list status in the tech world, when your company becomes its own verb. Think Google, Facebook and Skype. We all know by now that Skype is an amazing tool that anyone can quickly pick up. Even my less-than-tech savvy mother-in-law who still calls it Sky-pee. And just last week they launched a mobile app that Mac fans should be squeeing about. The new Skype WiFi mobile app for iOS means you can now Skype from anywhere to any fellow Sky-pee (hey, wait a second). So, when you’re traveling and are 500...

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