Binary code sterling silver cuff
It doesn’t matter whether you can code a webpage in under six minutes flat (is that even possible?) or construct a motherboard with your eyes closed. Cool jewelry is cool jewelry – plain and simple. Or really, super and rad, which is how I might describe these binary code cuffs by artisan Karla Wheeler.

Truth is, you don’t have to be a tech type to appreciate her handmade sterling silver cuffs, which feature various phrases translated into binary code. You can choose from a slew of sayings (I love this necklace that says “Life”) or even cooler, have Karla make you a custom piece like the cuff shown here. I don’t know what it says but I bet it’s loaded with meaning for the wearer.

Of course, it’s perfect for you tech mavens or that special computer lover in your life, but it’s also a pretty eye-catching pattern that’s unlike anything I’ve seen. -Kristen

Check out all of Karla Wheeler’s handmade geeky jewelry at her Etsy shop Karla Wheeler Design.


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