Digi Dude Laptop Bag
I am a laptop devotee, and so I carry mine everywhere. And as much as I try to keep my laptop case for my laptop only, as a mom I totally know that other stuff sneaks in there. Next thing you know, I’ve got a laptop/iPhone cord/board book/green crayon/magazine/water bottle/Dora DVD case.

So I’m not surprised that entrepreneurial dad Chris Pegula and his colleagues at LA’s Diaper Dude, the same folks who make the
guy-approved diaper bags that we’ve loved for ages, has come out with a
smart line of laptop bags under the name Digi Dude.

Of course you don’t have to be a dude to appreciate the smart, sturdy construction, and the classic lines. Or the eco story; the fabric is actually made from recycled PET bottles. 23 to be exact.

This case can handle a laptop up to 18″ wide, plus accessories and snack packs galore, thanks to the pockets and flaps and strategically placed compartments. Of course you still don’t want to put a sippy cup right in the computer compartment. And crayons aren’t the best bet near a warm computer. But for all the phones and wires and business cards and emergency scribble pads and colored pencils that need a home? They’ve found it here.

I think a few dads just got their holiday gifts taken care of. –Liz

Find the new line of Digi Dude latop bags online at Diaper Dude.

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