Have2P bathroom finder iPhone App
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When I think back to my pregnancies, my first thought isn’t of the miracle of life or even the swollen feet and the heartburn. No, when I remember those days, my mind immediately goes to one place: The bathroom. With each child, I remember nine months of constant urination. (You’re welcome.) I even remember outings I skipped because I worried about easy access to facilities when I would (inevitably) need them.

Well, that was years ago, and thanks to the miracle of technology, your pregnancy–or toddler potty training–can now be easier than mine… at least in the bladder department.

Just download the free Have2P app to your iPhone for easy access to a listing of nearby available restrooms.

No iPhone? Check out TENA’s Bathroom Finder from your home computer or smartphone. Either way, when nature calls, you’ll have a whole list of nearby ways to answer. -Mir

Show your bladder who’s boss with the Have2P iPhone app and TENA’s Bathroom Finder.

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