Jonathan Adler Desk Dock Organizer
We’ve long since ditched the land line and become a mobile-only household. Overall, I love the savings and consolidation; if not the fact that the stupid 3G network doesn’t reach my kitchen for some reasons. The main challenge for me, as with most busy moms, is remembering to plug everything in at night.

Jonathan Adler, of all people, is making it easier with a fabulous cell phone charging station that looks more Barney’s than Best Buy. 

I’m so glad the designer of all things beautiful and covetable
has taken his plot for world design domination and moved it to the
office. The Jonathan Adler desk dock organizer can
keep your phone, mp3 player, or camera charging without the tangle of
wires. It would look so swanky at your desk or even on a kitchen

Particularly nice touch: The cubby in back to hold a small pad and a few
pens. Yes, some of us still actually do take notes by hand. –Liz

Find the
Jonathan Adler desk dock organizer online at See Jane Work

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