Roku Netflix video player - Father's Day Gift
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We’re always on the look out for the perfect Father’s Day gift, or heck, any occasion gift for the men in our lives who are often hard to shop for. And selfishly, we kind of like gifts that we can get some use out of too.

If you’ve got a movie junkie in the house, take a look at the Roku Video player, which I love because I’ve got the kind of SigOth who thinks that dropping an envelope in the mail to return a DVD is hard work.

Basically for a very affordable $100, the Roku Digital Video Player (sometimes known as the Netflix Video Player)
gives you streaming access to 50,000+ on-demand movies–12,000 from your
Netflix account, the rest, like new releases, via Amazon for a rental
fee. It also gives you the option to see the movie you’re in the
mood for now, as opposed to guessing what you’ll be in the mood for next
week. And yes, I’m fickle like that.

Keep in mind this is not a
gift for video purists who own humongo TVs and a $10,000 surround sound
system in their custom-built media library — the quality isn’t as good
as Blu Ray and you’ll need additional cables
for it to look decent enough on your 50″ Sony Widescreen.

But if you
want a quick, easy video player for say, the bedroom or the playroom, or
if you want a more affordable alternative to expensive satellite or
cable movies, the Roku is a really nice choice.

After all, how many times can one person watch Anaconda II? I’m talking to you, cable programmers. –Liz

Find the Netflix Digital Video Player from Roku at

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