I’m all for hopping on trends for Fall when it comes to my wardrobe, so I’m just getting used to the idea that I can do it with my personal gadgets too. And let’s face it, if you want to get on the purple train right now, a purple argyle iPhone case is a lot cheaper than most purple argyle scarves.

Speck makes a ton of cool techcessories in fabulous fashion colors, and I’ve put together a few I’m loving right now–no heavy budget commitments required.

I’m obsessed with speck’s iPhone 4 purple argyle case for my new phone (hooray for upgrades!). It keeps me feeling stylish up top, even if I’m in yoga pants below.

Speck iPad Candy Shell

If you’ve joined the ranks of the iPad lovers, you have to check out the very cool CandyShell iPad case in a deep nightshade purple. Combine the gorgeous color with the extremely handy flip-back panel for easy docking, and it’s an absolute must-have.

Speck netbook A-line bag

If you have a purse addiction like mine that needs fueling, Speck’s A-Line Bag for netbook owners is fantastic–with a lovely hint of purple along with the very trendy gray. Add in the headphone cord pass-through pockets and the sleek button closure and you’ve got a bag that might just as smart as the machine you’re carrying in it.

The best part has to be that these fantastic accessories will still be great even when purple is no longer the new black. At least according to my 6 year-old daughter. -Kristen

You’ll find a slew of awesome iPhone cases, iPad covers, and other techcessories at speck.

If some items are out of stock (see how hot they are?), they’ll be back in soon–just sign up to be notified when that happens. Well worth it!

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