Kids Eat For
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Yeah, sometimes we want to hit our favorite restaurant and the kids can nibble off our plates or make do with — gasp! — adult food. But other times we’re faced with the realities of a tight budget and wanting to keep the peace.

With Kids Eat For
loaded up on your iPhone, a quick scan will show you the restaurant
deals in your area for when you’ve got kids in tow.

Because Kids Eat For is user-driven, you can
both add your own finds and update entries that are no longer valid or
whose details have changed. It’s got a nice new menu board graphical interface since we originally reviewed it and it seems to be coming along nicely. (Even if the name remains a little awkward. Kids eat for…what? What?)

No, it’s not filled with only
terrible chain restaurants. A quick search in my (podunk) area yielded some
independent establishments we already love, and a couple I didn’t even
know about. Do I want to try a new place that wants to feed my kids for
free? Why, yes. I would like fries with that. -Mir

Check out Kids Eat For and then download the app from iTunes.

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