Photo before free photo editing
Polaroid picture effects by Rollip
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I am a Photoshop spaz, so I love finding programs that let me do cool things with my photos with little to no mental anguish. It’s not just a great tool as a blogger, it’s cool when I’m uploading them into e-invitations or videos or keepsake photo books.

The new Rollip site is made to do just that.

 Rollip can give your snaps any number of neato old school Polaroid effects, as you can see here in with a pic of my daughter that I uploaded. There are 40 now, with more to come.

The service is less slick than Polardroid,
but it’s free and there’s nothing to download. At some point Rollip
will offer member benefits and actual Polaroid prints you can order, but
for now it’s just a fun free online app to add to your bag of digital
tricks. –Liz

Find the free online Polaroid photo effects at Rollip

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