Threadless iPhone case
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I could count the many ways in which I am completely obsessed with  Threadless, the original crowdsourcing art-to-product site, but who has that kind of time? But with this, their latest, my life may just be complete–Threadless has teamed up with Griffin to make cool iPhone cases.

Catch me; I’m swooning. 

Now sadly, the iPhone cases won’t fit a geriatric first-generation iPhone, but for you 3G and 4G folks, have at it. It will also fit an iPod touch 2G, making it a fab tween gift too.

When we first featured the cases, there were a mere two designs. Now you can choose from a full 15, one more fabulous than the next.

iPhone cases from threadless
threadless iphone case
threadless iphone case

All of the designs swankify the diaper bag easily, and I’d imagine more designs
will be coming up. Buy the matching t-shirt and really get your geek on.

Order the new Threadless iPhone cases over at Griffin Technology or direct from Threadless.

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