Bing and You’re Done? Sure, if you just want to search for something. But you can also use Bing to win big bucks for your local K-12 school.

Bing Education has introduced Our School Needs, a way for you to land some serious cash for a specific school need, and really, doesn’t every school have one these days?

It’s easy–visit the Our School Needs area from Bing Education to  nominate, submit videos, pictures and essays (they even have entry and promotion kits on the site, to get you started), then get folks to vote for your school’s project. Three schools will be awarded $50,000 first prizes, with one additional lucky school landing a $100,000 grand prize. That’s a quarter of a million dollars up for grabs.

I’m totally impressed with the judges, like the CEOs of DonorsChoose and Do Something along with a Microsoft Worldwide Education VP. It’s like a giant do-good party, and before it ends, you could be the superhero parenting force behind your school being able to say “We have” instead of “We need.”

Check out Our School Needs from Bing, and get in the running towards winning $100,000.

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