Dell Design Studio
I still remember the days that I thought a silver MacBook was a thing of the future. Amazing how today, laptops are reflections of our personal style and there are so many ways to get them looking cool–whatever your definition of cool may be.

If you haven’t checked out the Dell Design Studio, head over and be prepared to play.

At the Dell Design Studio,
pick from more than 200 laptop designs which range from art, to sports,
to designs from the Cool Mom Picks-approved crowdsourced design
collective, Threadless.
There are even pink designs supporting Susan G. Komen, or some truly
inspired artwork for PRODUCT (RED) which works to eliminate AIDS in
Africa; take a look at the fabulous “Spring” design (above)  by British
fashion illustrator Klaus Happaniemi and tell me you wouldn’t be excited
to pull that out of your netbook sleeve every day.

dell design studio for PROJECT (RED)
These aren’t decals or skins; they’re custom covers made when you order your laptop, and they’re only available for specific Dell Models. They’ll run you about $85 extra on top of the cost of the computer itself. I’ve thought about buying a custom skin myself, but never did, so I like the idea of ordering both together to save time and make my technology feel more like me.

Speaking of me, after watching the Giants in the amazing playoff game last week, my heart may be with the San Francisco Giants “Classic” design, which would also get the thumbs-up from my Giants-obsessed husband and sons. That one, as they would say, is a home run. –Beth

Create a custom Dell laptop or netbook to reflect your style online at the Dell Design Studio

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