space invaders coasters
I am dating myself here big time, but I grew up in the age of Space Invaders. Which predates the age of Asteroids. Which certainly predates the age of Donkey Kong. Heck, Mario was just a fetus with no facial hair at all back when we were jamming our thumbs into the big orange Atari joystick button to protect the universe from bitmapped space squids.

So how could my inner 12 year-old Atari addict not fall in love immediately with these coasters?

The Space Invaders coasters
found at Think Geek are designed to save the world from condensation, a
fate far worse than alien mind-sucking or galactic domination, at least
if you’re my Heywood-Wakefield nightstand. They’re handmade too–be
still my heart–right in the USA, as if I needed one more reason to add them to my holiday list.

I’m almost getting joystick claw just thinking of them. That’s a good thing. –Liz

Find the Space Invaders coasters online at Think Geek

[via unpluggd]

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