Logitech Harmony Remote
We have all adored the products from Logitech for a long time. They’re cool, stylish, super functional tech accessories are pretty much everything that’s right about tech, when tech gets it right.

Because they’re the makers of the widely lauded Harmony Universal Remote, we thought, hmm.  As moms, we know that harmony and home are two things we don’t hear often enough together. So we put together a few of our own tips for creating harmony in the home when it comes to technology, then asked the gurus at Logitech to offer some of their own products and tips that can help a mama out.

1. Untangle!
If the editors of Cool Mom Tech can offer one tip that’s hugely
important, it’s deal with your wires. The more technology you add, the
more chargers and plugs and extension cords (oh my!) you’ll have. That
tangle of wires can not only be an ugly mess, it can be dangerous,
especially with small kids at home. Make sure you have some kind of a
cord keeper to tame those cords, or better, try to secure them behind a
desk or cabinet so they’re off the floor and out of reach of curious
little hands.

bamboo plant
2. Prettify your media area
When we think of harmony, we think of feng shui. (Don’t laugh! We’re
serious!) If you have a room with a lot of electronics, stainless steel
and metals, try to balance it in your décor. Look to soft edges, organic
shapes, wood accents, plants and flowers. Just not water; or at least not near
the electronics.

3. Set limits with the kids
Moms (and dads and grandparents too) know that harmony in the home
is often about keeping the peace. Don’t be afraid to limits on your
kids’ tech time, or create rules around gaming – say, not before
breakfast? – so that expectations are clear and tears are kept to a
minimum. It’s not always the kids who need the rules either. Ahem.

From Logitech:

4. Pare down your remote control collection
Remotes are supposed to make life easier; not require detailed instructions. Having an average of four remotes in every living room isn’t simplifying life much either. So can bring harmony into the living room and make devices one-touch simple by replacing up to a dozen remotes with one, like the Harmony Remote. One button lets you turn on all your technology in the right order, with one button. For real.

(CMT ed: Psst…the Harmony One Advanced with the LCD screen? Killer holiday gift.)

logitech laptop speakers
5. Make beautiful music
Hitting play on your favorite soothing playlist while you work is a quick way to harmonize your environment. But considering the quality of most laptop speakers…you get the point. There’s a whole range of Logitech speakers starting at terrific prices which are a big step up from those tinny things your computer comes with. Or check out the cutting-edge Logitech lapdesk which has speakers built right in. (No more leg burns from your laptop either. Nice.)

6. Do things as a family
Movies, videos and TV shows offer up great family bonding time, and now you can bring everyone’s favorite entertainment options together through one interface for the first time with Logitech Revue and Google TV. The kids can watch educational shows on cable while using the Internet search function to help them understand concepts or help with homework. You can also tune into your fave kid-friendly videos online around the big screen instead of a laptop.

Or best of all, make a video call to Grandma using the Logitech TV Cam for Google TV and see her almost actual size. Depending how big your TV is, of course.

Yay to Logitech for their amazing support and sponsorship of Cool Mom Tech which has been so invaluable in helping us get up and running. Please find more about Logitech products like the Harmony Universal Remote on their website and support them right back!

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