Whether you’re into True Blood, Vampire Diaries, or Twilight–and I’ll admit I adore all three–it’s impossible to escape the world’s ongoing fascination with all things dead and fangy.

Whether you’re a vampire fan, too, or you just want to send freaky Halloween photos to your family I discovered an easy trick to vampirize your photos, no blood-drinking required.

Just go to the photo editing site Picnik, register, and upload a photo. Under the create tab you’ll find an array of Halloween photo effects; apply Vampire Eyes, make yourself pasty/sparkly with Draculan Dermis, add fangs, and even give yourself some bloodstains, if you don’t plan on spending your days as a vegetarian vampire. If you upgrade to a premium membership (around $2 a month) you have access to some pretty cool lightning and ghostify effects too, as well as other premium features on the site.

The process is all extremely user friendly, even with an awkward laptop fingerpad–I did it in about 3 minutes flat.

It’s a great way to customize a Halloween photo evite, or you can put your pics in frames around the house, Dorian Grey style, for spooky Halloween party decor. Or maybe, like me, you just love putting undead photos on your blog to freak out your mom. –Delilah S. Cullen

Get all vampirized with cool Halloween photo effects at Picnik

[via geek sugar]

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