I blame the current state of our living room on my sigOth’s addition to oh, pretty much anything with a controller and an on-off switch. In other words, the gaming addiction is killing us.

The Wii controls are different than the PS3 remotes are different than the special edition Washington Redskins PS3 remotes and of course he needs all of them. We can’t shove it into a shallow drawer anymore, so mostly it ends up all over the coffee table. To say nothing of the games themselves.

So I hit the Brooklyn IKEA recently and ooh, lookie what I found.

IKEA Besta Burs TV cabinet

The TV/storage cabinet with the very IKEA name of BESTA-BURS is shiny and sleek and boy, I love it in that bright glossy red. Though it comes in black, white and gray too if you prefer the neutrals.

The doors over the middle shelves basically flip forward, bar style, so you can keep your cable box, game console, and DVD player safely hidden away from sticky fingers. Or if you’ve got the tube on all the time, the piece is long enough at 70″  to stash your cable box up there too out in the open where the remote can reach it.

The best part for me though are the two humungo drawers on each side which contain enough space for a tangle of miscellaneous cables, wires, remotes, and game controllers. Or if you are a little media-lighter than we are, up to 18 DVDs or 50 CDs each. We’re actually leaving the extra drawer out of the bigger drawer so I can get my Wii Fit board in there too.

Total price? $349. If it were at Roche-Bobois it would be about ten times that.

Setting it up took a good long while, what with all the sliding drawer tracks and drilling. I might splurge on having them assemble it, if it’s worth it to you. As for us, I made the sigOth take care of that part. It’s only fair, right? –Liz

Find the Besta-Burs TV/storage cabinet online or in person at IKEA.

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