Earbud headphones that protect hearing
Zachary, could you come here please? Zachary…Zach, hello, I’m speaking to you. ZACH!

Sound familiar? It can’t be just my kid who ignores me for all kinds of reasons, but the last thing I’d ever want as a reason is for him actually being unable to hear me. Frighteningly, one in five teenagers today is already experiencing significant hearing loss, and that number is on the rise.

Since we probably won’t have much luck getting our older kids to turn Lady Gaga down, we still can mitigate any future damage to their ears with the right technology.

Luckily, with the dB Logic Healthy Listening Earphones  for teens and adults, no one has to
sacrifice having “Poker Face” on repeat. These lightweight earphones use
a special technology to control sound pressure levels, so basically it regulates
volume without compromising sound quality or adding distortion.

In a nutshell,
music is clear and crisp, and safer for the ears. 

Call it poor ear DNA, but I’ve never found earbuds that I could wear
comfortably without them falling out constantly – until now. These fit
snugly, are very lightweight and even stay in place while running. Grab one pair  for your iPod-addicted teen and one for yourself, and
protect those precious ears.

Our kids might still ignore us, but at
least they’ll be able to hear what we’re saying. –Jeana

Find the dB Logic Healthy Listening Earphones for teens and adults at dBlogic.com in early November. 

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